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Thanks @TMobile for my free movie rental #TMobileTuesdays !
Oh my! So good. Yes, this is our day... https://t.co/DMSm3VN9Mx
RT @johnmaeda: “Putting Post-it notes on walls is not going to make you a designer.” —Paola Antonelli https://t.co/4D5BsLITL2 https://t.co/…
Thanks @Casper for a great night sleep! https://t.co/qBzJsGqbI2
Sitting in a meeting discussing branding with design hero @michaelbierut. Trying to remain professional... #giddy
Felt like a little kid today on a phone conference with one of my design heroes. Yep, all giddy and stuff. #grinning
Shoutout to @sfcdteam for an incredible site launch! The motion is buttery smooth. Nice work all! https://t.co/QbvqR9KOS2
Incredible perspective on current Apple UI design: https://t.co/6t9UGdXmWT
@Mrs_Colenda looks like she is ready for Halloween. Thanks for sharing.
@Mrs_Colenda Hey there Mrs. Colenda! I'm Corinne's dad. Cool to see you on Twitter.
Here's my annual rant... Words matter. If it's a duck call it a duck.
@SprintSavings thanks
@SprintSavings Thanks @SprintSavings. @TMobileHelp recovered well.
@TMobileHelp OK. I'll call today.
@TMobileHelp I was interested in signing up for the 10 GB 4 line plan with 4 Sim cards. Was supposed to get a call at 12:30 EST.
Didn't get my follow up call from @TMobile today. Kinda disappointed. I was ready to switch providers. @TMobileHelp what happened?
Good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better... – Dieter Rams
RT @jboogie: Amen. https://t.co/PC63ZtX2lH
RT @littlesonego: "Anything you’ve got to disguise, any form of dishonesty means you’re embarrassed about what you do."Amem http://t.co/Ve0…
@Casper Nice work on the popup! The sleep experience was amazing. We'll be getting two caspers!

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