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18.00 USD

100% cotton with super soft front print and Gross National Products logo sleeve print

Designed by the fabulous Mr.Shawn Wolfe

American Apparel shirts
These are much softer!

10.00 USD

Well this shirt says it all! No matter if you're right, left, north, south, green, pink or purple I think this is a statement that we all can agree on. A modified version of a favorite quote from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. "Life is no way to treat an animal". On 100% cotton sand colored standard fit shirts
S, M, L, XL, 2X

22.00 USD

Our neighbor messaged us the other day, beside himself with laughter at some dim ding dong from Faux News describing Radiohead fans as "strange, malnourished, and sad," and begged us to make shirts of this slogan ASAP. We've all been Radiohead appreciators since olden times so it was easy to agree it was funny because it's kinda true. I mean, even the most well-fed amongst us can cop to some... emotional malnourishment? We'll gladly wave this flag and celebrate the "elaborate moaning" that unites us. Byeeeeee haters, have fun being fake and trying to talk sh*t, we love what we love, and everyone feels strange, malnourished, and sad sometimes.

These shirts are printed on dark gray heather tees from Canvas, a supersoft cotton poly blend tee in a unisex fit. Hairy McSpecies busted these out in our backyard printshop from the hand-lettering I doodled on demand!

Katherine Timpf of Fox News says:
?I don?t even like them, but the kind of guys that I like have to be three things: strange, malnourished, and sad.

Those guys always like Radiohead, so I?ve been having to pretend to like Radiohead for years to get these men, even though the music is just elaborate moaning and whining for ring tone sounds."

The best part, if you sport this fine shirt you may have a chance with Katy! Though she'll only pretend to like your music she'll really love your style and that's what matters after all.

BTW, the Thom Yorke tattoo is just because that's fargin magic. Yes we would totally lick that, regardless of the body it was on.

*Current picture shows a mock-up image, shirts will be printed this weekend and available to ship by Tuesday 10/24!

18.00 USD

Awesome vintage styles
3/4 baseball raglan tri-blend to stoke you

8.00 USD

We finally were able to meld our love of flexibility and our insatiable desire for nitrate laden meat products in this one coloring book!

Join us on this journey for innards peace. You will be learning while you color 14 of the secret poses from Master Yogi Doggie. Be prepared for the Reach Long Foot Long, the Polydong Power Stretch and the Beer Brat to name a few. Once warmed up you might even attempt the Eternity pose. But don't say we didn't warn you.

Illustrated by our lovely and talented Hairy McSpecies these coloring books will brighten anyone's day!

8.00 USD

Betwixt these sacred pages you will find the scientifically most proven factiest of facts on what is actually happening in our world right at this very moment. From the masturbation habits of Kirk Cameron to the speaking face of Bea Arthur tattooed on Joe Rogan's left butt cheek, this is hands down the factiest coloring book you can find in the known universe. We spared no expense in traveling the world, bribing political figures, sleeping with fair and unfair and semi inducing semi-fair maidens to bring you this exceptional piece of investigative journalism.

Buy one, two or nine for yourself, six for your crazy brother and fourteen for your grandmother. Spreading the knowledge is the way to free us of the cost of buying brew, thus freeing our bodies of this annoying tight fitting skin and giving way to the patriotic girthiness we so desire.

Fun for hours and educational for all, take it to school, to church, you can even bring it with you to prison after taking it to school and to church.

This is absolutely the best thing that has ever been printed in the history of mankind, don't believe us? Read what the coolest celebs have to say about the Mixed Species dudes coloring book.

Alex Jones "OMG, I just spewed in my jeans and I really enjoyed this coloring book"

Kirk Cameron "Boner, get over here, I'm laughing my balls off reading the Mixed Species dudes coloring book"

Oprah "Book of the month club? Try book of the year club! Everybody gets a car!"

Chris Christie "mfmhnfjhalkjdmfmnfnasdlfknanmsdfnasfm", he was smiling while eating the book and had both of the his twinkie-esq thumbs up.

Ten glorious pages of sacred text rustically bound in a beautiful full color french country artisan cover, stretching to eight and one half by eleven broad luxurious inches.

18.00 USD

The only team in history that makes you feel like you've already won if they even make it to the field. This one is going to be fun. Not only have we hit pay dirt with this slogan. "Go Lemmings". It works in a number of great applications.

- in ANY Apple store or next to anyone using an iPhone. (we rock vintage Motorola brick phones)

- next to anyone wearing skinny jeans or riding a fix geared bicycle in a hilly city. (SF)

- women in fedoras wearing Ray Bans.

Gold American Apparel classic girls shirt
Small Medium Large and XL

120.00 USD

26x40" screen print
Signed and numbered by Brady
Edition of 7

120.00 USD

Signed and numbered by Brady
Edition of 7

120.00 USD

26x40" 12 color
Signed and numbered
Edition of 8

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Mixed Species is a design collective who came together from rural parts of the Northwest and congealed like the skin on top of gravy.

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