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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu
#FamousFriday Rudyard Kipling! This famous writer drinks tea with the characters from his stories. http://t.co/vxsaS8nBKe
#FamousFriday Lady Gaga styling with some tea! http://t.co/t4jnVSubuT
Happy Monday! Here's your #MondayNews with mixaromsa..3 indispensable digestive aids for the holiday season http://t.co/otmw2Ql9Ed
#FamousFriday Guess Mike Tyson knows whats best..#TEA http://t.co/hgVTLiu4yS
#MondayNews with Mixaroma..Check this article out! Consumer Products and foods loaded with brain-destroying aluminum http://t.co/a8E6jjfK9d
50 Shades Of White With A Touch Of Red: 50 Winter Foxes http://t.co/dkfIA6mYUl
50 Shades Of White With A Touch Of Red: Must see! Winter Foxes | Bored Panda http://t.co/QohAgdpsXa http://t.co/8NwpAozozL
#FamousFriday The Beattles drinking tea! http://t.co/t6YXXyTnRN
Happy Thursday! Its almost Friday!...check this out for a good laugh! http://t.co/UvVhofgjfP
Christmas Lights around the world! http://t.co/oLVlCEXh5P http://t.co/h4GnuzhtrC
With 2014 ending enjouy these Pictures: Our Beaches—Sand, Sea, Serenity—Through Time http://t.co/DLuVNKgwJQ http://t.co/l6G6GQ9CDV
Huffington said it best...read this great funny article on reason to Drink Tea! http://t.co/Kh8TbQ60oY
#SundayFunday Tip bits..how to #recyle tea bags! http://t.co/K3Xnp5Ahe5
20 things that happen in 1 minute http://t.co/3yVTVtlT41
FACTS about #bottledwater http://t.co/VK382NWU65
Its #FamousFriday! This picture is way too adorable! #JFK and Caroline drinking tea. http://t.co/ywwDTx1NR5
KEEP CALM AND TUMBLE ON...check out our new tea tumblers! http://t.co/wvzGzNI3cz
Watch What Could Happen to Your Body If You Drank 10 Cans of Coke a Day | Drink tea Instead! http://t.co/KoLcocj8om http://t.co/KN4wRyHhF3
Okay Monday, lets do this! #Happy start to the week everyone! http://t.co/BuO9dfvlkr

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