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My boyfriend writing an email while sitting next to me on the couch, "How do you spell 'liaison'?"
Wish my cats would learn to yawn with their eyes closed. Or learn to tell me they're about to open-eyed yawn so I can get my camera ready.
@shakeymike It's so hard!!! Those sad eyes are extremely effective.
Living with 5 cats on a new diet=living with 5 cats giving you totally bummed out stares all day long.
@supersallyryan I was hoping you'd find me there. I've been too lazy for twitter lately.
Once highly skilled at the art of arriving fashionably late. Now good at arriving two hours before sundown to small town fireworks displays.
(I know how to do a Saturday night.)
Probably should have researched how much new can-openers cost before I spent 5 hours getting the rust off of my current can-opener.
Embarrassed I accidentally <3ed 2 totally normal Instagram pictures attempting to play video. Super embarrassed both were by the same user.
My boyfriend is constantly meeting new animals without asking their names even though it is IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT I NEED TO KNOW!!!
Roll Call! People looking up the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne right now? Just me? Okay. Fine.
While I was doing a jokey slow-motion run while chasing down a baseball in the park today, I heard a girl on a scooter say, "What the heck?"
Once again I have ordered the 'flatbed' pizza. Because I love pizza so much the have to truck it in. #pizzaartsandsciences
B is worried that if we go to the batting cages he might get recruited to become a DH in the American League. "Will you still love me?" No.
@davepark I am amused.
@davepark sarcastically.
@davepark The only reason it was funny is that is was so very heartfelt and sincere. And he saw me see it.
Just caught a sound guy clapping. Funniest thing I've seen in my entire life.
Just banged on my dehumidifier to get it to work. Thank you Arthur Fonzarelli. Your lessons are of great value to me.
Saw a four-year-old girl walking down the street in the rain singing Kool & the Gang's 'Celebration' as loud as possible. Wish I was her.

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Amy is an artist, musician, recording engineer and aspiring aerialist who loves her too many cats.

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