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@Jamesp0p there is an app called 'Nearest Tube' that features augmented reality only on iPhone 3gs though...
Why your art deserves better than Flickr
@Jamesp0p if you are looking for a great portfolio site that is free checkout , you can even keep your own domain!
RT @tweetmeme 5 Reasons I’m Done With Flickr.
How to be happy
Easily use a custom domain for your MinimalPixel art portfolio
checking out some amazing illustration by #mcbess here
Announcing #facebook_connect support in MinimalPixel, check it out here
A short guide and tips for creating fantastic screencasts
Minimalpixel is back online, sorry for any inconvinience!
MinimalPixel is currently unavailable due to site maintenance - will update when we're back online.
#welovetheNHS because It saves lives and doesn't require a credit card before doing so.
The NHS is one of the things that makes Britain great, I never have to worry about not being able to afford to go to hospital.
How to create a successful art portfolio -
@me_alone27 if you are looking for somewhere to set up a great portfolio easily why don't you checkout
@smashingmag a colleague who thought they were a web developer used to do this, develop in IE6 then wander why it looked odd in FF!
Screencasting on the mac, what do you use? Currently we are using iShowU
@feltypants looking for somewhere to post pictures of your art? Check out our online portfolio service, its free!
Four great new fonts have just been added to MinimalPixel, start using them straight away on your online portfolio -
#photography The 100th image has been uploaded to MinimalPixel, take a look here -

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