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RT @dmcclymo: Come work with us!
@tomharman Just beat you to it Harms.
Massive thanks to @mintdigital for my birthday @deskbeers. Weekend tipples sorted 🍺
Politicians who talk about back doors to encryption, please read this
RT @mintdigital: We’re looking for a back-end developer who is into @elixirlang, @rails, etc. Learn more here: #dev…
Mint is looking to hire a (front end) developer & a designer. Apply here - #LondonJobs
@thonk_synth @TomWhitwell @mistactivated @mylarmelodies Guess this gives me the chance to silence the 'you didn't build a TTSH' demons.
@Caroline79 @MrJonesTalks @style_stamps Come on Caroline, were's my @ mention ;)
@paulfedory Nice one Paul, hadn't heard of The Expanse. Seems like a good follow on from Westworld and The OA.
RT @mintdigital: Lunch on a roof terrace everyday? Join us @ White Bear Yard - desks available. Email colin[@] https…
@bob_p @rodreegez Maybe if you didn't publicly declare your hate for it? #imissfryups
@kayesymington Those were the days 🍺
@kayesymington @tomharman @bob_p @usherette @lalamaguire You haven't done it right unless you end up in the Penny Black next AM
@kayesymington @tomharman @bob_p @usherette @lalamaguire Get yourself a lovely Tenement AirBnB and go out on the lash.
@kayesymington @tomharman @bob_p @usherette @lalamaguire Kaye beat me to it 😉
@bob_p is spot on, that is proper chip shop curry sauce. Who knows we're it comes from. It's ace! @kayesymington @kimw
@kayesymington Nice work! Miss the hills. You should go for the Buachaille Etive Mor next.
@paulfedory @thorisalaptop @usherette @eellson @amyjdickens Team Immersive is a state of mind.
@thorisalaptop @usherette @paulfedory @eellson @amyjdickens TEAM
@eclecticmonkey This is very cool. Might have to raid my Mum’s cupboards when I am next north :)

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