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RT @jennylee705: @CollusPower AMAZING TIMING!!! First pitch here we go!! #GoJaysGo Thank you, thank you, thank you!
WWEtoronto #takervsbatista
RT @JoeyBats19: Tweet the hashtag #VoteCaptainCanada to help us get Saunders to the All-Star game! https://t.co/5w2UALjyp4
Awesome day with #SXonFOX #quotemedtg https://t.co/VAAlPoCX88
@ShiDavidi numbers on first floor for elevator for fire and police!
@MountainviewES do you know if the boys basketball practice is cancelled at 8am?
iTech | Home | Toronto https://t.co/4LD8AkLmer
@TorontoArgos taking my 11 year old to his first Argos and converting him from the NFL #OurTeam !
Toronto Boat Cruises | Boat Cruise Toronto Harbour | Tall Ships http://t.co/b1xcSJLZUH
Argooooos #ArgosLive http://t.co/XauBllpAiL
@RogersHelps what is the deal with sports pack channel 433. No sound for Dolphins game!
This may help us all understand. http://t.co/zhJslzy7no
RT @GoogleFacts: The average cloud weighs aboud 1 Million pounds. http://t.co/cJtvlw32QY
RT @EntMagazine: "The best investment you can make is to hire people you can trust to take things off your plate." http://t.co/MSJ5RmG8xf
RT @wiredtree: In this post @sugru shows us how to make a LEGO key & cable holder. Very handy :) http://t.co/UUjjagFjeq http://t.co/s2eKgMK…
RT @EntMagazine: How you handle change will determine if you sink or float. http://t.co/V7bWZNU86s by @DrKathyCramer
RT @SciencePorn: http://t.co/TuCXFMkgfY
RT @SciencePorn: The Scale Of The Universe, check this out http://t.co/8fHrvubWf2
RT @GoogleFacts: Canada has more lakes that the rest of the world put together.
RT @nzrecipes: Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

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