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RT @MikePenceVP: No. Elizabeth Warren Is racist for falsely claiming she's Cherokee and getting special treatment for it. https://t.co/UvvT…
#usanews Thinking it would be a good time to create a new news channel that reported the news and not their own political opinions news.
4 Tactics to Avoid in SEO [Infographic] https://t.co/qRfwJ3YViT via @SEOAlien
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Helpful Techniques to Have Great Organizational Skills https://t.co/1E8lFEkANg via @SEOAlien
Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid https://t.co/ZqtizhQL9A via @SEOAlien
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RT @lookitsjulianne: Pepsi: We're having the worst PR nightmare ever. United: Hold my beer.
#UnitedAirlinesAssault simple solution.. remove overbooked flights by booking time.. let people know they are on the overbooked list.
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Secrets of Gmail for Advanced Users https://t.co/QCTJN34TjG via @SEOAlien
Email 101: Best Practices to Avoid Sending Spam Emails https://t.co/MIsfULtZtR via @SEOAlien
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5 Mistakes All Website Designers and Companies Should Avoid at Any Cost https://t.co/eqaEThixXS via @SEOAlien
5 #SEO Trends To Look For In 2017 https://t.co/nsNI3s7rVf via @SEOAlien
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RT @LaptopShopWH: All I'm saying is if we can make a toy who's battery lasts for six weeks we ought to be able to make a phone battery that…
Rewards and Consequences of Perception https://t.co/TQBvflKXww
I got #Choleric...dang accurate I think! What are you? Take the quiz! https://t.co/jWWNdV1rlQ

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