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Sorry we've been really quiet. Co-founders working on big things. We'll still be releasing limited edition works. Keep an eye out ;)
We’re still here. We’ve got lots if irons in the fire. We’ll drop new designs when you least expect it
RT @therealdjflux Pull me in tonight and stay forever. I know wanna the secrets of your heart #melodic #vocal #glitch http://t.co/tmBSIM3Fki
RT @therealdjflux: .@knottypinerocks reppin' @thewebsters AND @miclothing @ The Knotty Pine http://t.co/kD4pscJMkI
RT @PhysicsNews: In case you missed it: Michael Berry was at the IOP on Monday talking about how quantum physics democratised music http ...
RT @therealdjflux: This @tedtalks by @amandapalmer is just brilliant! http://t.co/LwMvfhwSDj #TED
RT @therealdjflux: Occasionally I like to rock out to some heavier stuff. Check out this track from my dude @MaulerSig and @JettisonD ht ...
RT @Lezlicious: Sporting this finally!! Thanks @miclothing for the shirt! Support for the drummers! And music lovers! http://t.co/Z0iqvuMH
.@Lezlicious you look great! Glad you got the shirts. Thanks for the support :)
We’re still around. Lots of irons in the fire but still keeping the MIC dream alive. We hope everyone has a #HappyThanksgiving
#FF @Lezlicious - she spotted our SNARE shirt in California & is receiving one just for asking. http://t.co/Nad6C84K Thanks for the support
.@Kidsader thanks for the follow. Big fan of your music
Today is our 5th anniversary. MIC launched on 7-7-7. Thank you for all your support. Slow & steady wins the race. :)
Happy #IndependenceDay everyone. Please thanks your servicewomen & servicemen who let us enjoy all the freedoms of our great country.
RT @astro_andre: For days we've been flying along the border between night and day. Beautiful. http://t.co/B3mxtuLw
RT @drewbrees: Thrilled to announce Brittany & I are launching a business in NOLA-seeking apparel entrepreneur/CEO. Apply by 6/5 htt ...
RT @therealdjflux: Want to see some cool planes up close & personal near #London? Register for @Raytheon #meetRay Tweetup @Farnborou ...
RT @elonmusk: Falcon flew perfectly!! Dragon in orbit, comm locked and solar arrays active!! Feels like a giant weight just came off my ...
RT @therealdjflux: .@elonmusk congrats to the entire @SpaceX team on a great #DragonLaunch - hope to be flying with you someday soon :)
RT @mattsachtler: I love you all. Also, fuck gravity. 3 for 3.

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