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RT @GeorgeTakei: Thank you Pres Obama for your eloquent rebuke of the DACA reversal. It's times like this when your compassionate leadershi…
RT @AnneFrankCenter: Must you see more to recognize the escalating parallels of history?
RT @mmurraypolitics: Add Merck to list of groups/individuals that Trump has denounced more forcefully - by name - than the white nationalis…
Impeach Trump AND PENCE #ImpeachTrumpAndPENCE
@divinentd @andigalpern LOL. I can never stop myself from jumping in to tinker. Plus, I’m not your AV/computer/sma…
RT @sarah_edo: This forever
RT @emerylord: TIERS OF FRIENDSHIP 4- we hang out 3- we can travel together 2- I would take a bullet for you 1- I will speak to you on phone
Tell Congress to oppose FCC rules that allow ISP discrimination. It's time to support real #NetNeutrality. Call now:
Here's a good retweet on #marchforscience day. #MarchForScienceLA
RT @divinentd: In case I wasn't clear *cough* @angularjobs after one day of coding in React I don't think I'd ever take a job doing Angular…
@divinentd I've been just playing a bit with React-Native. Not much time or depth under my belt yet, but I think I'll stick with it.
RT @feliciaday: People asking me to tweet less politics and more geek stuff: Hard to share how pretty the drapes are when the house is on f…
RT @AnnCavoukian: Don't get sucked up by the allure of Echo or Alexa: take heed of the warnings regarding loss of privacy and sensitive per…
RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: On serious note, please retweet this to spread the message. #resist and #persist .
Easy SSD based server on @DigitalOcean. Sign up w/this link and get a $10 credit: It's how I host ALL of my sites.
Now this is a good article. Emotional balance is tough to maintain.
RT @karanortman: Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Thank you to the 300 LA tech/media leaders who took a stand opposing the #ImmigrationBan https:…
@divinentd This also sounds a bit Pythonic (I promise, I'm not just pushing python!) Like use of `*` and `**`, e.g. *args and **kwargs.

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