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RT @yogadirect "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it." -Pablo Picasso
Get on the mat! Yoga boosts the lymphatic system, which fights infection,destroys cancerous cells,& disposes of toxic cellular waste.
Looking 2 shed lbs?Yoga mvmt helps,& its mindfulness helps even more! By befriending the body, we learn 2 give it the food it truly needs.
Been hesitant to incorporate bandhas?You won't regret it: Uddiana alone tucks tailbone,brings lwr ribs in,lengthens spine,& prevents injury.
When u notice ur feeling constricted or stagnant,ask urself what you're resisting.What might this tell u about ur beliefs,fears,needs?
Yoga=MovingOn."In order 2 b free,we must learn how to let go.Release the hurt.Release the fear.Refuse 2 entertain ur old pain." M. Morrissey
We often eat unconsciously. Nxt time ur about 2 take a bite,think: How do I feel now?Why have I chosen this food?What do I need from it?
"Be patient... Live the questions now, & perhaps w/o knowing it, you will live along someday into the answers." - Rilke
Wherever u are now, notice if ur weight's evenly distributed: Rt/Lt, front/back.Aches&tightness r fruits of skewed alignment.
RT @DharmaTalks RT @iammantra: 2day's Mantra: “I release my expectations on others. I become the Love I wish 2 see & experience in my Life.”
Where can u wake up 2 urself right now? What part of ur body is just along for the ride? How cld u bring some kind attn 2 it?
Wrkng toward a daily practice? Hatha yoga begins w/ breath. Even if all u can do is breathe & pay attn; this is a practice!
RT @Virtual_Yoga "Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts." Buddha
Thx to new followers! @yogarevelation @miraclesgoddess @quantumtouch @eveshealing @edmk @taowizard @ericasnyder @yogamat @relivingmag
RT @yogarevelation "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." Lao Tzu (600-531 BC)
@whollyyoga So glad u askd abt houseshows! U can see for details;we'd luv 2 play GR (house or studio!) :)
Need 2 relax?Take a breath in,then release every last bit of air from ur lungs,releasing tension.Then fill again,lwr belly 1st.
4 better sleep,begin prep a few hrs b4 bed.Anxious?Make a list 4 2morrow.Restless?Take a walk,breathe deep.Tired?Hit the hay early.
When working on mindfulness, focusing on one's breath is seriously helpful. But try not to control it: Just watch. Listen. Feel.
RT @durgamaa Yield & overcome;Bend & b straight;Empty & b full;Wear out & b new;Have little & gain;Have much & b confused. -Lao Tzu

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