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A diet high in healthy fats is extremely helpful for keeping your body healthy and helping you prevent disease. https://t.co/wXxEAFRRdr
via @drkarenbecker Gus Knows Exactly What He Wants https://t.co/vCkZRNkarq
via @drkarenbecker Dogs Help Researchers Unlock Genetic Links to Human Disease https://t.co/dhjktBLOwF
#Fluoride is a drug and when it is added to water, the dose cannot be controlled. https://t.co/3jOJRfDtx4
Can You Make Time Pass More Quickly? https://t.co/y0AGqS46jL
Ylang Ylang Oil Not Only Soothes Your Skin, but Your Mind as Well https://t.co/nw4WEjzlF4
Jet Lag Hurts Both Mental and Physical Performance https://t.co/VHXfEWZRv5
#Lemons are used for many things in cooking, cleaning, and health. Their oil is equally useful. https://t.co/KlMy0XkIfd
If you want your child to succeed, avoid fast food. #Fastfood leads to slow learning. https://t.co/KvXoqyGKUK
Do you find it hard to #sleep when you travel? Your brain's behavior could be the reason why... https://t.co/05Pf34FMFz
So you can spend more time with your #family... https://t.co/QT9VWswagX
Forget those "low-fat" dieting trends. This diet uses healthy fats to totally transform your #metabolism. https://t.co/JSZMLaoVYp
Be Warned! Contaminated medical supplies are one of the top sources of hospital-acquired infections. #health https://t.co/FI5ZTANcfF
Scientists reveal the direct link between #aluminum exposure and #Alzheimers disease. https://t.co/1eLPGmtXUj
This is why we need better labels: Consumers prefer nourishing #organic produce to #glyphosate laden #GMOs. https://t.co/wqTeaqDBNU
It’s no surprise to hear that you shouldn’t eat McDonald’s, but do you really know how bad it is for you? #Mcdonalds https://t.co/IKPp4X3Tos
I know first-hand that low #testosterone is not an automatic outcome of aging. There are natural ways to avoid #LowT https://t.co/wcw3I3RCy5
How can the consumer fight back against the companies work tirelessly to spread genetically engineered crops? #GMO https://t.co/wqTeaqDBNU
#MarkOfMonsanto https://t.co/Uz9AzApKVG
Use this list to find out and remove from your home these common cancer-causing items almost everyone overlooks. https://t.co/cFqspYQHxW

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I am an osteopathic physician, health activist and founder of the #1 natural health site Mercola.com. I advocate dietary and lifestyle approaches to health.

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