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@ebhodge No doubt Leinster are a different team when he plays for them.
Respect to AIB for new housing initiative.NOT a cheap publicity stunt.The Bank has always put customers and taxpayers interests first.
Anybody out there got a copy of Something Rotten; Irish Banking Scandals,by Simon Carswell for sale. Need it for a very good /bad cause.
Great post Mashable,as usual
@ItaOKelly @williamhboney1 Possibly mixing it up with Rialto in Venice. It means market in Italian.
@mrbobdaly Add rude,nasty and unnecessarily aggressive into the mix. The applause at the end was not for Tubridy. Pathetic as usual.
@williamhboney1 You know your future is behind you when you find yourself looking at that drivel.
There are only three certainties in life. Death, taxes and Willie Mullins in the bumper!
@Donegalabu @NewshubIreland Tubridy is no Graham Norton/Jeremy Paxman or even Gay Byrne. Would imagine there are hu…
@flying_cabbage Nice one Willie.Well worth a retweet. Very delicately put,if I may say so.
@Ciaramazeballs Agree entirely.The Bland One's impression of Jeremy Paxman was pathetic. Tubridy must be the most i…
@john_mcguirk Agree entirely. Tubridy's attempt to score points with the PC brigade was pathetic. The round of appl…
@Donegalabu @NewshubIreland Agreed. However,it was supposed to have been an interview. Tubridy should study M. Park…
Well said Davi. At least he was interesting and entertaining which is more than can be said about.......
@Donegalabu @NewshubIreland Well said Marie. Tubridy desperately trying to score points and failing. Would infinitl…
@scrahallia Would rather proper interview.Ryan the Bland's attempt to score points is pathetic.
@HillaryClinton @pmbairrins Love the way you are jumping on the bandwagon.Sour grapes?
@FCTwenteBenson Well said Jamie.No interest in listening to Spicer.
@SimonHarrisTD @PriscillaLynch @campaignforleo @roinnslainte @FineGael @merrionstreet You are impressing nobody wit…

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