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@fat Hi! It’s been awhile huh lol
Looks like disabling this setting makes it work. Dunno how bad that is though... Either way, thanks @brandon_weiss…
@brandon_weiss Ayyy that did it. But how much less secure is it lol?
@mschoening Hah yeah works fine with and without my normal reading glasses :).
Face ID doesn’t work with aviators on. ☹️
@kpk Yeah... it’s real bad. Never watched him speak before, but it seems like his first time. I’m literally the wor…
@brianrobtsmith You’re the lucky one. Not well rehearsed maybe? Delivery is wonky. Annnnnd stream cut out for me.
Are all Tesla livestreams this... bad?
Real time in Atom!
RT @CherylRofer: Saving this with a screen grab. It's likely to disappear. He's confused today's shooting with last week's.…
@jasonlong @itsroodog How dare you notch my dog.
@maxvoltar @iamphilipjoyce Wasn’t it Australia that had government programs for buying them back with basically no questions asked?
First @itsroodog portrait with the iPhone X and I couldn’t be happier.
RT @Gennefer: A reboot of SEX AND THE CITY with Jeff Goldblum playing all four characters.
@mikeindustries So many angles of this have come up for me and the GitHub design teams recently. I’m at a minisummi…
RT @LEBassett: The man who wrote the anti-trans bathroom bill just lost the election to a trans woman. Let that sink in.…
Haven’t used it yet, but Precss looks dope for folks wanting Sass syntax with the speed and flexibility of PostCSS:
@mschoening Please tell me you didn’t have meetings today 😭
RT @_ehughes_: Ok, so to celebrate the arrival of iPhone X, here’s some Animoji Karaoke inspired by @harrymccracken 🎤🦊🐶🐔🐵…
@jakeboxer @jessicard Miss you, Jake. <3

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