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@irace GitHub circa 2012 😁
Hot damn, I've missed this ol' GitHub Code Slayer tee.
RT @github: Filter pull requests by review status to see where you're needed most.
RT @KamalaHarris: This group just made it more difficult for women to get access to health care worldwide. You tell me what's wrong with th…
@iamashley 😧 Glad you're okay!
@jonrohan @holman @joshpeek got me on that triple click branch name life 😭
RT @corywilkerson: @mdo this is the alternative packers
Are we sure the *real* Packers actually made it out of that fog in Green Bay? πŸ€”
@i7nvd Shucks, sorry! Maybe @dhg can take a look soon?
@dreww @atmos who hurt you drew
@dreww this isn't Taco Bell dude
Is this real life?
When the office snack game just isn’t where it needs to be, you order your team a 64-pack of Cool Ranch. /cc…
@fat saaaaame
This could be the single greatest shirt I ever buy.
@jglovier Nervewrecking final two quarters lol. Pretty happy about it though 😬
@pifafu dog on point

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