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27.00 USD

Sterling earrings, just for you, with violet purple amethyst I call Plum Crazy.

Amethysts in a rich translucent purple and oxidized sterling silver make up these unique earrings. I wired the 6mm (1/4 inch) amethyst rounds to free form hearts. The head pins were handcrafted by me and all metal is sterling silver which I oxidized.

The finished earrings measure 1 1/2 inches from the top of the ear wire. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. What a perfect birthday gift!

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29.00 USD

Lavender flower earrings, purple flower vintage glass bead, lilac fuchsia, sterling silver earrings, purple dangles, romantic earrings to wear!

I suspended lavender vintage glass flower beads from swirly links of sterling silver which I hammered and distressed. I used French ear wires. The stones are a blend of pretty purples. All metal is sterling silver which was oxidized by me for a more antiqued look.

Flowers measure 6mm.
Finished earring measures just over 1 3/4 inches and is very lightweight. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

These artsy and romantic earrings would look great worn in any season.

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31.00 USD

Chunky pendant pink, organic cherry quartz necklace, rose pink glass stone, sterling silver, coral suede leather, rustic pendant

A fun little piece perfect for the girly girl in you, a pretty cherry quartz pendant necklace!

This cherry quartz (glass) stone is wrapped and suspended securely from a length of coral suede leather. I used sterling silver wire and my sassy wrap. Precious metal, like sterling silver, adds value and long life to your jewelry pieces.

Suede measures 32" in length and is finished with an overhand knot. Pendant has an organic look and is not a perfect rectangle, which adds to the beauty of the piece. Pendant measures about 1" long and 3/4" wide. Pendant hangs about 2" from the suede cord.

Enjoy this mcr designs original!

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31.00 USD

Earrings to wear with your denim, in blue dumortierite and natural brass I call Morn.

I neatly wrapped a stack of denim blue dumortieirite and navy blue tiger eye with natural brass wire. I suspended texturized slips of brass which I sawed, filed and polished. Metal was oxidized and buffed by me for an antique look.I used niobium classic ear wires which are safe for everyone. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

Stones are 6mm. Finished earring measures 2 inches from the top of the ear wire.

Dumortierite is the stone of Patience.

I better make myself a pair of these earrings.

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35.00 USD

Turquoise and leather pendant, turquoise red coral necklace, southwestern jewelry, rustic western wear, genuine turquoise, gift for her

Fun, casual stacked turquoise stone pendant necklace I call Waco.

I stacked irregular shapes of genuine turquoise stones together with a polished round of red coral. I used a handcrafted head pin and my sassy wrap and suspended the pendant piece from slim black leather cords. I used sterling silver which I oxidized.

Turquoise stack measures about 3/4 x 1/2 inch. Entire pendant piece measures 1 5/8 inches.

Leather cord measures not quite 30 inches and is finished with a simple knot.

Enjoy wearing your new piece from mcr designs!

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35.00 USD

Boho earrings, lemon lime, mismatched earrings, gemstone dangles, summer drops, greenery jewelry, unmatched earrings, asymmetrical dangles

Fun earrings to brighten your wardrobe for spring and summer! I call these earrings Lemons and Limes.

I collected a colorful assortment of green and yellow stones to create these on trend, mismatched earrings.
Drool over the lemon jade, olive jade, lime colored chrysoprase and sterling silver etched beads. All stones and beads are neatly wired to classic French ear wires. All metal is sterling silver which I oxidized and buffed.

Earrings measure just shy of 3 inches. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing. These light/medium weight earrings will be comfortable to wear.

Be on trend with these cool earrings. A subtle statement for a fashion forward woman.

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32.00 USD

Red and turquoise earrings, country western dangles, southwestern jewelry, red coral beads, rustic jewelry, genuine turquoise gemstones

Turquoise and lipstick red - so now...named Retro Cowgirl.

I stacked three turquoise saucers along with a shiny, polished round of lipstick red coral. I hammered the head pin ball flat and finished with a "sassy" wrap. I used elongated kidney wires for a contemporary look. All metal is sterling silver which I oxidized.

Turquoise measures 6mm x 2mm or 1/4 x 1/8 inch. Coral measures 6mm or 1/4 inch.

Finished earring measures just over 2 inches.

Turquoise and red is always hot. Can you handle it?

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27.00 USD

Red dangle earrings, lipstick red earrings, cherry dangles, red jewelry, Christmas red earrings, red coral earrings, long red dangles, red drops

Red at its best as polished red coral rounds as red as your lipstick, I call Good Times.

I used pairs of red rounds of polished coral and suspended the coral from lightweight chains. The earrings swing with every turn of your head. All metal is sterling silver which I oxidized. Classic French ear wires finish off the earrings.

Rounds are 6mm or 1/4 inch.
Finished earrings measure almost 2 inches. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

Perfect earrings for anytime you want a little pick-me-up.

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79.00 USD

Fish bracelet, fish jewelry, cruise ship jewelry, gemstone bracelet, blue fish, yellow fish, blue jewelry, blue yellow, sterling silver

A fun charm bracelet in blue and yellow with fish I call Riverdance!

Absolutely a one-of-a-kind piece for the fisherwoman.

I combined the coolest colors of blue, yellow and cream to make this water inspired bracelet. I used Swarovski crystal, coral, vintage glass, mother-of-pearl, sodalite, aragonite, pyrite, honey jade and itsy bitsy sapphires in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of the pretties were wired on, using handcrafted (by me) head pins which I hammered for a rustic look. All metal is sterling silver which I oxidized. I finished the lightweight but sturdy oversized chain with a lobster clasp for a secure closing and soldered shut the jump ring.

The pretties measure 4mm or 1/8 inch to 10mm or 3/8 inch with the vintage glass fish measuring 14mm or 5/8 inch.

Finished bracelet measures 8 inches, extending to 8 3/4 inches. The bracelet fits a 7 inch wrist perfectly. I can customize the length by adding or removing pretties. Please ask!

If you like your bracelets chunky and with medium weight, this one's for you. I think this bracelet would look great worn with your denim and white, cream, yellow or blue!

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27.00 USD

Chunky green earrings, jasper stone beads, woodland forest green earring, nature jewelry, greenery, rustic casual earrings

Chunky stone earrings of faceted jasper in green I call Awaken.

I used a pair of polished faceted chunky green jaspers to create these exceptional earrings.
The colors make me think of a garden that's coming awake after a long winter. I used my sassy wire wraps, simple lightweight round chain and classic French ear wires.
All metal is sterling silver, oxidized by me.

Stones measure approximately 12mm x 8mm or 1/2 x 3/8 inch.

Finished earring measures 1 1/4 inches and is lightweight. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

These earrings go well with earth tones and were made to last a lifetime.

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