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32.00 USD

Red and turquoise earrings, country western dangles, southwestern jewelry, red coral beads, rustic jewelry, genuine turquoise gemstones

Turquoise and lipstick red - so now...named Retro Cowgirl.

I stacked three turquoise saucers along with a shiny, polished round of lipstick red coral. I hammered the head pin ball flat and finished with a "sassy" wrap. I used elongated kidney wires for a contemporary look. All metal is sterling silver which I oxidized.

Turquoise measures 6mm x 2mm or 1/4 x 1/8 inch. Coral measures 6mm or 1/4 inch.

Finished earring measures just over 2 inches.

Turquoise and red is always hot. Can you handle it?

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35.00 USD

Fossil necklace pendant, red coral fossil jewelry, orange stone pendant, organic fossil stone, semi precious jewelry, mixed metal pendant

A beautiful stone disc of red fossil coral to wear for everyone to admire I call Sweet Copper.

I selected a smooth polished fossil coral stone and suspended the stone from a simple, lightweight chain with a sassy wrap and copper rings. I finished off the chain with a secure lobster clasp. I oxidized all of the metal, for an antiqued look. All metal, except the copper rings, is sterling silver.

The stone measures 20mm round or 3/4 inch. The stone suspends 1 1/4 inches from the chain. The finished necklace measures about 19 inches.

This is a wonderful piece to wear with colors like brown, green, rust, gold and even burgundy. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind stone!

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18.00 USD

Green Czech glass rectangle bead earrings with natural brass I call Green Grass, ready to wear for summer.
I suspended a pair of glass beads in light green from elongated brass French ear wires. I capped the beads with a filigree bead cap. All metal is natural brass which I treated with a slight patina.

Beads measure 12 x 8mm. Finished earring measures 1 5/8 inches from the top of the ear wire.
I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

These green earrings are perfect for all the many holiday gatherings you attend.
An added bonus is that they are priced under $20 but look like they cost much more.

These feminine earrings would make a perfect gift.

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29.00 USD

Black earrings, black onyx star, black dangle earring, star jewelry, black jewelry stars, formal earring, silver earrings

Party like a rock star in your little black dress and black onyx earrings!

I teamed up petite jet black onyx stars and simple sterling silver chains and wired them to classic French ear wires. All metal used is sterling silver which I oxidized. Ear wire retainers are included for secure wearing.

Stars measure 6mm or 1/4 inch.
Finished earring measures just shy of 2 inches.

Lightweight, sexy and unique, these earrings would be fun to wear day or night.

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43.00 USD

Fabulous bold chunky jewelry statement necklace of wood, coral and sterling silver I call Island Story, perfect as a fall necklace or as beach jewelry, your choice!

I combined thin flats of walnut colored wood along with shiny polished rounds and natural chips of coral to create this necklace. The piece is weighted by the rounds in the center so the chain will never slide around, hence no adjusting when wearing! I used my sassy wraps and an oversized chain with toggle closure for an artsy look. All metal is sterling silver which I oxidized. The necklace is of medium weight and perfect for the woman who likes her jewelry bold.

The rounds measure 12mm or almost 1/2 inch.
The woods measure 17mm or almost 3/4 inch.
The necklace measures 23 inches.

The coral is a deep rusty red and will look wonderful worn with a variety of colors. The piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

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31.00 USD

Aqua earrings, hematite earrings, aqua black, metal earrings, urban geometric drops, jasper dangles, sterling silver

Aqua blue and black marbled jasper earrings I call Shadow.

I suspended jasper barrels from modern sterling silver circular links which I distressed, along with sparkly faceted rounds of hematite. I oxidized the finished earrings to give them an earthy look. The barrels are a marbled mix of pale aqua and black. The hematite is charcoal gray.

Barrels measure 12mm or 1/2 inch. Hematite is 4mm or just over 1/8 inch.

Finished earring measures just shy of 2 inches from the top of the ear wire. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing. The earrings are medium weight.

These are perfect earrings to wear everyday or give as a gift!

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29.00 USD

Genuine turquoise hoop earrings,turquoise and silver hoops, western jewelry, southwestern dangles, oxidized sterling silver, wire wrapped

Rondelles of genuine turquoise paired with sterling silver make up these classic, beautiful rustic earrings I call Eagle's Nest. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones and I hand picked these for a wonderful blend of greens and browns.

Stones measure 5mm x 3mm, or about 3/16 x 1/8inch. Sterling silver ovals measure 15mm x 9mm, or about 5/8 x 3/8 inch. Rondelles are wire wrapped with sterling silver which I oxidized.

Entire earring measures about 1 1/4 inches from the top of the French ear wire. Ear wire retainers are included for secure wearing.

These earrings are an investment and can be enjoyed for years to come!

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31.00 USD

Tribal earrings orange, earth tone jewelry, brass orange earrings, agate stone drop, brass dangle, artisan earrings, fall colors autumn

Handmade jewelry in fire agate stone and brass, perfect drop or dangle earrings I call Sunset.
They have a tribal feel and could really be worn in any season.

I started out with stacks of hot orange fire agate stone. I suspended lightweight tear drops of natural brass which I textured and oxidized for a rustic look. I used my sassy wraps of brass wire and niobium ear wires, safe for sensitive ears.

Stones measure 8mm each. Brass measures 16mm x 11mm long. Finished earrings measure just over 2 inches from the top of the ear wires. I include ear wire retainers for secure wearing.

The earrings are lightweight and easy to wear.

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35.00 USD

Brown gold bracelet, earth tones jewelry, tiger eye bracelet, tiger eye stones, sterling silver oxidized chain, feminine jewelry

For the lady who likes her jewelry on the feminine side, a brown bracelet beaded in tiger eye with sterling silver chain I call Gold Coast.

I wire wrapped 14 oval tiger eye stones to sterling silver chain and alternated chain and stone to create a very lightweight bracelet to wear. The stones are a gorgeous blend of golden browns, perfect to wear with your earth tones. All metal used is sterling silver which I oxidized for an earthy look.

Stones measure about 8mm or 1/4 inch.

Finished double strand bracelet measures just shy of 8 inches, a perfect fit for a 7 inch wrist. It will extend 1 inch. If the size is not quite right, contact me about a size adjustment.

The bracelet can be worn in any season and forever.

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35.00 USD

Encouragement bracelet, tomorrow affirmation, inspiring words, gemstone bracelet, brown jewelry, sterling silver chain, wire wrapped

Tomorrow, a sterling silver chain charm bracelet with brown and gold gemstones.

The bracelet features lightweight oxidized sterling silver oversized links and a cluster of pretty petite elements. The focal charm is a brushed oval that says "tomorrow" and is also sterling silver. I added a honey gold jade round, a rusty orange Swarovski crystal, a cube of picture jasper and a tiger eye round. I handcrafted the head pins and the sturdy wire clasp. All metal is sterling silver, oxidized by me.

Tiger eye and crystal both measure 6mm or 3/16 inch. Jade is 8mm or 1/4 inch. Picture jasper is 4mm or 1/8 inch.

Finished bracelet measures just over 8 inches and would be perfect for a 7 inch wrist or slightly smaller.

This bracelet is great worn alone or with other bracelets or bangles. It will add just a touch of color to your wrist. It is lightweight, simple and classic.

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