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@joelplaskett Could you pls give a 4th-birthday shoutout to my kiddo Ryan at CBC MusicFest when/if you sing Extraordinary? #2ndgenerationfan
Happy Halloween! Dressed our 18-mo-old up as Mike Holmes (@Make_It_Right) today— he's off rebuilding his crib now. http://t.co/WLnhxlzu
@foodiePrints I'm still dreaming of that s'more cupcake... man, it was good :) Hope you're having a great day off!
Unbelievable arrangement of MJ's Thriller by Welsh phenom Gareth Pearson — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ginok11QPcs — wowsah!
My buddy did the Lake Placid Iron Man on Sun. Wanna see the tee I designed for his cheering section? http://www.mchenwears.com/blog/?p=1697
@yummygoods Oh, and Joel Plaskett (big here in Canada) — esp. his older stuff, and his La De Da album. SO great :D
@jonfingas I heard Flaming Lips kicked butt.. I only went the one day, but it was terrific :) Going to Wolfe Island Music Fest next w/e YAY!
@yummygoods Bad pandora, BAD! If you like Josh Ritter, try: Damien Rice, Ray Lamontagne, Dan Mangan, Justin Rutledge... (some of my favs ;)
@ottawastart Sounds like a fun night :) Lighter fluid smell gives me the willies though!
@krrley Ugh... sorry to hear about those bogus purchases and your trouble getting things fixed. YIKES :(
Shameless plug for my alter ego (@theDADproject) — we got featured by the lovely @therikrakshop — http://tinyurl.com/24dbhmd
@jonfingas Me sneezy too! Allergies are nuts this year, hey? Did you make it to any of bluesfest, then?
@SamStiner Thanks for the avatar compliment ;) I really like your tree/hearts illustration — did you do that yourself?
Ottawa-folk — Drop by Urban Art @ Minto Park, all day today! http://urbanartinmintopark.blogspot.com/ — help me do the anti-rain dance :)
@missfish Bluejays are so beautiful, but MAN, they're raucous, hey? Have a fun time with the shoot! (Are you the photog, or the models?)
@jonfingas Thanks for letting me knokw about that contact, Jon! Looks very cool... if I have time, I'll submit! how're you these days?
@MoonApe Very cool illos there — though they're *old* just as much as they're *new* ;) http://su.pr/3Zz42r — thanks for sharing!
Amazing night at Bluesfest last night — with vids of lovely @hannahmusic and @arcadefire >> http://www.mchenwears.com/blog/?p=1680
@map_maker Oh, of course it had to be at Rush ;) Any details? I know 3 guys who were there, front row w/ slrs...
@krrley The new sleeve is absolutely adorable! The background competes a bit with it though — could make it brighter / more blurry?

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