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The Magic Color for Logo and Web Design (Infographic) via @Inc
30 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Horrible via @TIMEBusiness
Social Media Gurus. Check this out! ;) Sometimes the smartest words are unspoken by @LeeColan via @Inc
Windows Phone will soon render websites a lot more like an iPhone via @verge
Peaches Sold as Sexy Butts in China
@MarshaCollier Welcome Marsha :)
@MarkAbsher @AnthonyQuintano @LiveLenmar Does it take 15 hrs?
@MarkAbsher @AnthonyQuintano @LiveLenmar I just wonder how long to recharge the beast!? Long time I assume. #mutant #UndeadPower
@MarkAbsher @LiveLenmar @AnthonyQuintano @24k the big boys club! lol #UndeadPower
@MarkAbsher @LiveLenmar We have the POWER! Maybe we can get @AnthonyQuintano to join us. :) #mutant #UndeadPower
@AnthonyQuintano They sell @LiveLenmar products on Amazon. This sucker has 4 ports. 2 of them are 2.4 output. :)
New Post from @operationsafe "Making Peace: How it is Really Done" #childtrauma ⊕
Wow! @LiveLenmar thanks for sending me Mutant 20,800 mAh Power Pack! This thing is a BEAST! #heaven
@PhotoJewel My pleasure. You should feel proud. You did good :)
PhotoJewel Being in HOW is great! :)
Traffic madness! This is what happens when you live right there! (@ Dodger Stadium - @mlb in Los Angeles, CA)
@adellecharles @dandenney @grantfriedman @andysowards @r27 Feels like 5 years was just yesterday.
@PhotoJewel Hey there :)
@andysowards @grantfriedman @adellecharles @r27 #Kaboom

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