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@JimConnolly @SamsungCameraUS Haha! I also edited the photo. :) #DitchTheDSLR
@JimConnolly @SamsungCameraUS Here is a #foodporn photo! Lobster Roll. #DitchTheDSLR
@JimConnolly @SamsungCameraUS Anytime. I'm I liking the camera do far. #DitchTheDSLR
I'm back! (@ The Fairmont San Francisco - @fairmonthotels in San Francisco, CA)
Such a fun time today hanging out w/ @doverbEy @ShaunaCausey @lizasperling - @SamsungCameraUS #DitchTheDSLR
Yummy noms! (@ Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA w/ @superben)
@robvnet They kept pushing my dat back!
@jason_ I know finally. It was some sick joke lol
Great News! My iPhone 6 Plus has been shipped!!! :)
#Selfie Shenanigans @SamsungCameraUS #NX30 with @ShaunaCausey & @lizasperling #ditchTheDSLR #rawr
@CaffeModaCA just Black code for me. :)
RT @ShaunaCausey @mayhemstudios @SamsungCameraUS Getting a demo of the NX30 from Calvin and very impressed. Love this camera. #DitchTheDSLR
Thanks guys, maybe soon! :) RT @ravenbarsf @mayhemstudios when you need cocktails then come see us. We'll take good care of you
Need Coffee NOW! (@ Starbucks in San Francisco, CA)
With 40 Million Downloads, betaworks-Backed Dots Gets A Refreshed Logo
What Would YOUR Starbucks Drink Be Called?
Exactly 1 year ago today! (via @timehop)
Report Finds That 95% Of Employees Are Distracted At Work For 2 Hours Every Day
Infographic: The Ideal Length of Everything Online, From Tweets to YouTube Videos

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