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@delwilliams He's more then 100% wrong lol
Very nice #GooglePhotos --> @StreetMeetLA @amandaxplum
We are next @HackforLA event @ImpactHubLA - City of LA providing #StyleGuide to hack! #techLA #opengov
RT @CarolHink: #SMDay2015 {{HUGS}} to Gr8 peeps! @ShannonSmith @EmilyQuestions @TopBrokerOC @kathyklingaman @kathikruse @hoda007 @mayhemstu…
@nelaknight I totally agree. So ridiculous.
@delwilliams Of course I did. That's why I said Kanye was aweful!
Kanye West was horrible! No comparison To Freddie Mercury’s Singing via @BuzzFeed
More Amazing 3D Calligraphy That Seems To Pop Out From Paper -
Hate public speaking? Follow these 5 easy steps and soon you'll be an onstage star @BettyWLiu via @Inc
How to Take Better Action Photos
Who's joining me tonight @HackforLA event @ImpactHubLA - City of LA providing #StyleGuide to hack! #techLA #opengov
Airbnb, Uber and Mailchimp: Inside the Web Design Style Guides of 10 Brands We Love via @canva
Love this shot of @Amandaxplum from the Instagram @StreetMeetLA #Photowalk #dtla #StreetmeetLA
Anyone want to go for a ride? Model @Cristal_Aguirre from the Instagram @StreetMeetLA Photowalk #StreetmeetLA
@ImDatChick2 I'm well. How about you?
@JessicaHanson hmm, I don't any off the top of my head.
@anitaycheng see you tomorrow :)
Great time photographing @UrbanFashionGal at the #Instagram @StreetMeetLA #Summer Photowalk #StreetMeetLA
@TimiCantisano @stephelisecarls In movies. There's always another, especially in time travel ones. I don't see another.

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