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@BarneySantos @mikster @WeAreLATech thanks :)
You should have! :) RT @ginaruiz: @mayhemstudios Damn! Why didn’t I tag along? LOL @GianfrancoMinuz @LagoSantaMonica
@GianfrancoMinuz Welcome! My family had a great and really enjoyed your dishes. :)
My fave dish of the night Tuna Tartar by Chef @GianfrancoMinuz - @LagoSantaMonica
It was great meeting Chef @GianfrancoMinuz - Great food @LagoSantaMonica #Italian #santaMonica
Delicious Italian food by chef @GianfrancoMinuz at @LagoSantaMonica - I Spy Ray Liotta in the house!!!
@karlkovacs it’s about $300! Each.
@texaslodestars Everytime you turn around different info about charging,
@karlkovacs I got a new 64gb #Sony #a6000 Walkman with headphones.
@karlkovacs I’m good. :) how about you?
Should you leave your smartphone plugged into the charger overnight? via @DigitalTrends
Man 3D prints functional Iron Man Hulkbuster armor, is generally awesome via @robot6
@GianfrancoMinuz @LagoSantaMonica aim excited about that. My parents will love it :)
Looks for foodporn photos tomorrow! :) RT @ginaruiz: I heard @mayhemstudios, @GianfrancoMinuz is an amazing chef! @LagoSantaMonica
@EspreeDevora Because you're dope! :)
I'm looking forward to some Italian noms tomorrow night with Chef @GianfrancoMinuz in Santa Monica @LagoSantaMonica - Anyone been there?
GR8 @TechZulu #TZStartupForecast w/ @EspreeDevora @alysekilleen @allendebevoise @VishalLugani @rewolpert @egomez_svb
RT @juliefogg @sharynassimi: Filming at beach w/ DP Daniel & co-director LazRael Lison of #summerhousepictures
Social Media Has Killed Consumer Trust via @senseimarketing
The Movement Strategy Lifted Revenue 60% by Mastering Instagram | Adweek

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