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@cantstopdrew @cbfels No, just a general observation. The entire spectrum of the left seems tediously fixated on es…
RT @BBW_BFF: me flirting
@facepaulmrevere @sepinwall James was named for James Dean but his sweetness always reminded me more of young Antho…
@sepinwall That's just because you miss me.
@JohnHollahan @Hello_Tailor I shouldn't have put the word "other" in that first Tweet, or I should have put a comma after it.
RT @willow_catelyn: David Lynch can be on my pickup basketball team anytime
@sepinwall Watch that scene where Cooper eats pancakes to Dave Brubeck, then imagine how it feels to come home from…
@SatchelPooch @PynchonInPublic Let the record reflect that I followed you just for your screen name and avatar.
@sepinwall That's not the right question, considering that PEAKS is so much about reckoning with the past, with trauma and with time lost.
RT @Hello_Tailor: @mattzollerseitz New twin peaks is a harsh reminder that nothing is actually "lynchian" except actual works by david lync…
@bevowon Yeah, and at this moment it's a toss-up for me which one is the most singular achievement of the TV year to date.
@sepinwall Oh, wow, do I ever disagree with that.
@facepaulmrevere @Fleischmarket @dominicknero I don't disagree...however I find that Lynch's super-slowed-down paci…
@GregPMcIver Oh, of course. How can you not be?
RT @dominicknero: @mattzollerseitz makes Stranger Things look like Blues Brothers 2000
I have thought about little else on TV since the first few new TWIN PEAKS eps came out. Puts other "Lynchian" pop art in its place.
Trying to balance the need to publish & keep readers & editors happy with the desire not to go off half-cocked on Lynch/Frost's art.
I'm writing something about TWIN PEAKS 3&4. Deliberately have not published yet because I want to live with them for a while. 1/2
@robertloerzel I'd blocked that out for some reason, maybe because that entire part of the series was scary as hell.
RT @Fleischmarket: @MatthewFerrari @LisaMBeaudry @DebOnTheArts @mattzollerseitz The LOGAN IMAX poster is very much in the same retro vein a…

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