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Drives an Audi R8 and bought is dad like a new corvette...
The driver of that coffee vid is big YouTube personality. Makes bank
RT @JoshBeaton: I wish they would end on a little more exciting note. This conversation is nice, but not a show ender. #HOWLive #HOWNewbies
RT @jgoriginals: No dinner plans tonight in prep for Pixels of Fury! #HOWNewbies lobby 6:45pm. See you then!
Hope everyone got home safe! #HOWnewbies.
Last session: the most important thing. Sitting to right of the middle screen. #HOWnewbies
Marketing your freelance business: what works, and how to stick to it. Sitting up front near the podium. #HOWnewbies
RT @jgoriginals: DINNER: #hownewbies headed to Giordanos pizza. Meet 7:15 in Hyatt lobby. REPLY to ME to RSVP. PLEASE STAR AND RETWEET. #HO…
Made it! Keynote: Make, believe, courage and connection. Sitting front left if any other stragglers. #HOWnewbies
@jgoriginals @ssuratosjr walking back now. Running late.
Session2: warm email prospecting: how to find and land more clients without the "yuck" factor. Sitting in middle towards front. #HOWNewbies
@Sammie_Mak Group of us are doing sushi for lunch. Meet 12:15 first floor of hotel lobby near escalator! :)
First session: Be your own brand, be your own buzz. Sitting front and center. #HOWnewbies
Opening Keynote: Tina Roth Eisenberg #HOWnewbies
@jgoriginals we are dead center third row with tons of seats still!
We have a few sitting in the center three rows from the speaker. Come while there are seats! #HOWnewbies
@johnpastor no more no hitter :(
@johnpastor on here! BigBar

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