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RT @keithlock I just added my site to this dofollow niche website directory
Dark Reign leads to Dark Wolverine! Read my review at, Marvel Zombies!
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 25 year anniversary... It's a Blast from the Past!
25th Anniversary of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars! Check out my thoughts at
Just joined a twibe. Visit to join
Just started a Twibe. Visit to join.
Just joined a twibe. Visit to join
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #marvel #marvelcomics #comic
Ultimate Spiderman #133 review direct link:
Current state of the Marvel Universe:
What started off with a bang has ended with nary a whimper. Check out review for Ultimate Spiderman #133
Brief history of Marvel Comics:
Sweet Marvel Clothes :)
@deus_ex_machine Bullseye, eh? What can you do with a paper clip? Just added your blog to my faves, can't wait to read your reviews.
LOVING the "American Son" arc in current issues of Amazing Spiderman. Review to come at the end of arc:
Check out the video for my Marvel Comics Reviews site: Yes, it's a MIRACLE I have a girlfriend.
Also adding my reviews in pdf and word format on Scribd:
Posted my 1st review - New Avengers - The Reunion, retweet if ya like?
Happy that the site is launched and getting some readers!

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