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Trump's #immigration plan could lead to almost 5 million lost jobs https://t.co/88NlnMcOt0 via @nbcnews
Trump Supports Bill That Would Cut Legal #Immigration by Half https://t.co/sWbJRkZYCP
#immigration #greencard https://t.co/BV2fRDJUxq
A Veteran ICE Agent, Disillusioned with the Trump Era, Speaks Out | The New Yorker https://t.co/GCuL1QCrom #immigration
Labor Trafficking, exposed in Walmart parking lot =one of the world's most underreported crimes https://t.co/HJMhGDqJlu via @TheStreet
Interesting article from https://t.co/pts4RefSFs . https://t.co/qPw0UQFtuP
RT @cliniclegal: Show lawmakers in your state our recommendations for protecting people from #immigration fraud! https://t.co/bcqo8ou0tR ht…
ICE 'Not Apologizing' For Aggressive Tactics https://t.co/cYYbFFta3N #immigration
Great session on SEO by @bricemcbeth. Thanks.
RT @NILC_org: #DACA works! It's good for our communities. It's good for the economy. It's good for everybody! We all win when we #defendDAC…
Foreigners buy record number of U.S. homes despite fears of #immigration crackdown https://t.co/jIyWGrRrfK
Proposed Entrepreneur Visa Rule Delayed https://t.co/TIioDy23dx
#immigration Feds delay rule on entrepreneur visas https://t.co/OVsjEJHA8a
I'm going to "SEO is a Hoax: Why Search Ranking isn't the Priority of a Startup". See you there? https://t.co/u5Tn3aCu9D via @Eventbrite
@BrandonTXNeely Plenty of anti-Trump friends here in Dallas.
#travelban update #immigration. Travel ban starts tonight. How does it affect you? https://t.co/f5btcEI2oh
Check out "Immigration Basics for Entrepreneurs and Employers" https://t.co/sr0QgBN8jq. Use code "ATHChat17" for free tickets
#travelban update #immigration. How does the travel ban affect you? https://t.co/f5btcEI2oh
Looking forward to this evening's talk @StartUpGrindDFW @TheCommonDesk
#scotus reinstates travel ban, but narrowly #immigration #muslimban. https://t.co/cf7XM4vMCS

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