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@alphaefficiency Ah! Glad you figured it out!
@alphaefficiency … Window -> Network Log, clear it, then reproduce the image upload failure. Thanks!
@alphaefficiency Probably best to email so we can talk about symptoms and possible causes!…
@dscottpeters @danielpunkass Nope. I'm devoted to blogging, and leave most other social media to other apps more suitable to the purpose.
@SpicyMinn Thanks for pinging me! I was traveling and let my email slide. Will get back to you ASAP.
@SpicyMinn That is, Window menu from the menu bar, "Network Log", and then Copy/Paste the contents of log text. I h…
@SpicyMinn Hi there - probably best to start a dialogue over email at Send contents of Window -> Network Log! Thx.
He needs to work on his decorum, but he *does* occasionally put good work into me.
@murderofcrows Hi Doug - unfortunately code highlighting is a bit of a weak spot with MarsEdit. I don't have a spec…
@nexgencodecamp Thank you!
@ttsubuan OK, hopefully something that won't come up again, but let me know if it does!
@ttsubuan Hi! Did you end up figuring out the problem?
RT @redsweater: Here's the rundown on what we know about @MarsEdit's "Obfuscated ID" errors with @Blogger, how to work around them: https:/…
RT @redsweater: An update on @MarsEdit image uploads to @Blogger: it appears uploads will fail unless your Blogger blog's user identity is…
RT @redsweater: Some @Blogger users are seeing an "invalid length for obfuscated ID" error when uploading images to Blogger. We're investig…
RT @redsweater: Celebrating ten years of Red Sweater's development of @MarsEdit: "Diamond Anniversary."
RT @redsweater: MarsEdit 3.7.11 includes a fix for Blogger, ensuring image uploads go to the blog-specific Google Photos album: https://t.c…
@thestopbutton Editing images isn't exactly my strongest point, but depending on what you want to do, maybe I'll help ;)
@Comixace @pipelinecomics @wordpressdotcom Thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned for future versions :)
@Comixace @pipelinecomics @wordpressdotcom … but for many workflows people find me quite a boon to blogging productivity!

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