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@JenWoodruff79 @sarahhalzack and yet walmart sales have grown steadily since it raised its minimum wage 2 years ago
@mmcgee54 to be fair, Walmart raised its minimum wage first - just not as much as Target will do
@pdacosta "wait, is *that* my self-respect? no, just some mustard."
RT @barry: What a rough day for Mike.
"We chose to kneel because it’s a respectful gesture." - @E_Reid35
@jbendery thoughts and prayers
@ZackBornstein maybe they are all like jeff sessions, who will put up with anything just for the chance to do more…
@ZackBornstein validation from the shouty man on the tee vee, I guess
@ZackBornstein you left out all the racists
RT @TheDweck:
RT @ditzkoff:
RT @EndMy_Existence: do you ever just eat toast?🤔
RT @DavidBegnaud: "It's inhumane" what's happening at the airport in San Juan, a nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas told me - they need food,…
RT @JeremyKonyndyk: Puerto Rico starting to evolve into Trump's Ninth Ward/Superdome-level failure. Clear he does not have his eye on the b…
RT @TravisMannon: If you want to get politics out of sports, start with the national anthem.
Congress isn't raising the minimum wage, but Target is -- and it's a smart business move by @sarahhalzack
@JodyShenn little grim reapers to signify how we're all going to die
this is going well
@AP Too light, considering he basically helped give us President Trump
@SpeakerRyan Thank goodness we have a president fully focused on (checks notes) ... stirring up racial animosity

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