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Thx @mrinal @doctorow for sobering thoughts during all the 2017 tech prediction hype:
@JulieIskow does looking to future of IoT in 2017 include hard look at #DMCA #DRM? via @doctorow
We are distributing warm socks,hats, gloves +toiletries to homeless people in our area (NY)-cost $20 per bag to fill
@skeohan @koehntopp @RenaldWittwer thanks dear friends. Lots of happy wishes to share.
Pleased to see the commitment to #medihack lives on.
RT @jackcs99: There is a bug in my country perception algorithm. I will be going down in 2 minutes. Please log off now!
Just spoke to Lee. She returned the compliment. I love being thought of as a badass. Especially by those who code.
Best jobs in future are going to be “STEMpathy jobs — jobs that blend STEM skills with human empathy" @tomfriedman
Sobering prediction 3 days ago
Wonderful exercise for developers and Biz folks alike.
#empathy you all taught me so much!
It's a wrap. #designthinking #hackathon @Medidata
Hearing: "I want innovation" is a red flag @KaraNDennis #medidatasym @Medidata - true 'dat! Innovation Panel kills that kitty buzzword!
Ideation.Creation.Evaluation.Diffusion - #HITLAB Stan Kachnowski teaches "Sense Making" #MedidataSYM @Medidata
HITLAB just said "empathetic design" and no, I didn't lead the witness. #MedidataSYM #empathy #designthinking
Pharma has to stop thinking efficacy of drug - rather how to drive better value for patients. Better science for better patient experience
Would really like to see @medidata embrace #designthinking + Pharma #failfaire Looking at you @CaptainClinical @MikeCapone_ @mouyalsimon
.@JohnReites talking my language - willing to fail fast, fail early- bring it! @KaraNDennis reframing failure #medidatasym
Fav session of #MedidataSYM real life science tech innovators talking about "Sense Making" methodology - no software sales here!

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