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7 Things Every Makeup Artist Wants You to Know
This Company Is Paying Someone $10,000 a Month to Travel and Live in Luxury Homes
A 15-Year-Old Girl in Chicago was Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Live
RT @SenatorCantwell: Jennifer from Kent, WA is worried her life will be on the line again if she loses #Medicaid coverage in #ACA repeal ht…
Lazy Girls, FYI: These SPF Moisturizers Are Here to Simplify Your Beauty Routine
5 adult outfits inspired by Princess Charlotte, Blue Ivy, North West, and other icons of the preschool set:…
Joe Biden the Human Met Joe Biden the Golden Retriever and the Pictures Are Almost *Too* Much…
RT @DaniSMcNally: The House votes tomorrow on the ACHA. For women like Jennifer, that's a life-or-death situation. #ProtectACA…
5 Adult Outfits Inspired by Blue, North, and Other Icons of the Preschool Set
Prepare to have your patience tested while reading about these infuriating encounters with mansplaining:…
Women Are Taking to Twitter to Describe Their Most Frustrating Encounters with Mansplainers
.@brokeymcpoverty started an awesome conversation on Twitter about mansplainers, and we are super into it:…
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Back on Good Terms and Speaking Again After Their Split
Ashley Olsen and Her 58-Year-Old Boyfriend Have Reportedly Split
RT @amprog: "Losing Obamacare could kill me" #SaveACA
Jennifer England has breast cancer and thyroid cancer. If Obamacare is repealed, she could die:…
Losing Obamacare could kill me:
Weirdly Pretty Trend Alert: Sticking Things All Over Your Face
RT @jennyalyse: So proud to help this remarakable women tell her story: "Losing Obamacare Could Kill Me" via @Marie…
Why Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' Is an Overlooked Trans Icon

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