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RT @joelcomm: Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
"Sell your stuff. Pack a bag. Book a flight." via @InVisionApp @pagely #remotework
RT @AlistairJ90: After 4 years, Elon Musk grew bored of waiting - so he's building his own hyperloop…
RT @hermioneway: Facebook TV 📺 launches...
RT @PopovichN: It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter.
@CharlieBerens @angusnelson Just gonna take credit for introducing my brother to @CharlieBerens videos… ;) #TweetLikeNoOnesWatching
This is What Nashvillian's call, "Hot Chicken." We met today. We are…
@scottbuscemi wise decision – bald is beautiful!
RT @Pagely: What if the Internet was so slow it loaded one word at a time? Defend #NetNeutrality.…
@scottbuscemi slacker… it’s okay. I’m guilty too :)
Plugin-a-palooza about to begin… Stuff’s gitt’n realz!!! #wcoc #wordpress
“Design fails when trust with the user is broken“ — Andrew Bergeron from @everyonecounts #WCOC
RT @strebel: @pagely is hiring across several positions. Paid Parental leave, 401k, Health Ins, 100% remote work.
what do you think? #Developer #dev #WordPress #PHP
#job #wordpress #newzealand #nz #Australia Customer Support Platform Engineer
“Love plus time minus distance equals hate” ~ Louis CK #getoffmylawn
HIRING: Content Marketer – @Pagely is expanding their digital footprint, brand awareness,…
RT @TaraMacMiller: Well, this was a fun find on my phone. Be careful if you ask @marcusnelson to take a photo for you! #newfav #selfie #pre…
Nice writeup: @Pagely is Managed WordPress Hosting Powered with the Human Element
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Director of Social Media » pr » speaker » adviser » networker » designer » midwesterner • while I work @ Salesforce these words are all mine.

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