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Stop special interest giveaways in the #cromnibus via @commoncause
PLEASE REPOST any of these pitmad submissions that catch your interest ;)
11 yr old Brendon struggles to save himself & his animals in a post apocalyptic world where water is the only real commodity #pitmad #tween
Three troubled & disenfranchised youths find themselves & each other with the help of a modern day 'Pippy Longstockings' #pitmad #tween
The Whitaker family falls victim to the hate & bigotry they live by, leaving them to reassess their values & the way they live #pitmad #A
Mother Nature has had enough, the result is a worldwide drought. Eleven year old Brendon & his mother struggle to survive. #pitmad #tween
A southern family whose lives are built on hate find out what happens when fate laughs at everything they believe to be true #pitmad #A
What child has not felt invisible at some time in their life? 3 unlikely friends find themselves & each other THE INVISIBLES #pitmad #tween
is #PitchWars now closed to submissions. I am having difficulty finding the submission form
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Megyn Kelly - white santa colbert's tongue in cheek humor always makes me laugh. kelly - what an intellectual giant.
@JimAndrews518 @AverageChirps i never considered myself party affiliated until recently, but i would NEVER vote republican now
omg, totally wiped out last night, went 2 walk the dogs, the deck was a sheet of ice & i was on the ground in a flash - not a fan of winter
feeling like i will need a submersible soon. don't know how many inches of rain we've had, but it's a lot.
is there anything better on a cold, rainy night, than walking into a warm house that smells like fresh baked brownies? ok they're from a mix
haven't been on for a long time - to tweet or not to tweet, that is the question ;)
@tylergutierrez @AhaSummit gambling win is not like any other.went 2 casino for 5 days - down only $100 BIG WIN! LOL
i have been very lax about keeping up with this page. frankly, my move to tenn has been a pure delight and i...
“If it turns out that cannabis is the cure for cancer & the govt suppressed this information.... - Raymond Cushing
This is what happens when advertising is done for women, by women. h/t @rethinktweet (via @Upworthy)

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A new small publisher in Northeast CT, you'll be hearing more from us. We released our 1st two titles in Sept. 2009 & are now working on our next two releases.

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