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I've created a simple Autohotkey script for weighted words statistics in MemoQ
Discussion (in Polish) about an interesting tool for PDF translation:
So far it looks good! Works quite well, only a bit rough around the edges. I am sure it will be a fine tool on the official release.
Today MemoQ beta has been released... I dived head first into the unknown... Oh, the joys of betatesting/early adopting!
Well, still wondering what to twit about... "Doing lots of work I cannot talk about for clients I cannot disclose due to NDAs"...? Hmm...
No time for updates... Lots of work, house construction... And nothing to tweet about...
Testing twibs value... First three clients coming from twibs/twitter can count on decreased word rates!
My website, is functional at last. It is far from complete, though...
Started my company twitter; if you don't know, I provide technical translations from English to Polish (manuals, localization, etc.)

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