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Handmade Wood Bowl - Cherry Wood Bowl - Whimsical Turbulence via @Etsy
Handmade Wood Bowl - Mulberry Wood Bowl - Whimsical Turbulence by makye77 via @Etsy
Sutured Cherry Bowl - Handmade Wood Bowl - Cherry Wood by makye77 via @Etsy
Crispy Apple Bowl - Woodturned Bowl - Apple Wood Bowl by makye77 via @Etsy
Handmade Wood Bowl - Black Cherry Wood Bowl - Whimsical Turbulence via @Etsy
Copper and Turquoise via @Etsy
The Natural Ones - Sweet Cherry Hollow Vessel - via @Etsy
Beautiful Disaster - Handmade Wood Bowls - Woodturned Bowls - by makye77 via @Etsy
Handmade Wooden Vessel - Hollow Vessel - Home Decor - Blue Che by makye77 via @Etsy
The Apple of Each Others Eye - Apple Goblets - via @Etsy
Handmade Apple Wood Bowl - Food Safe - reclaimed wood - via @Etsy
Handmade Spalted Maple Wood Bowl - Food Safe - Handcrafted - via @Etsy
Handmade Wood Bowl - Maple Wood Bowl via @Etsy
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Spalted Maple hollow vessel...
Natural Edge Wood Bowl - Honey Locust Wood via @Etsy
Natural Edge Wood Bowl - Spalted Sycamore Wood - via @Etsy
Just a simple wood bowl...
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The wood chosen for my turnings are selectively gathered from renewable sources around Michigan.

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