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Download & activate @theTunnelBear to watch blocked AFL games live in Australia (like you're OS) on laptop or mobile
First up: 10 victims of Nanna's Chinese Raspberries infused with Hep-A. There's NO need to buy that crap. BUY LOCAL!
Back from a L-O-N-G hiatus.... back with some friends not seen for ages. Lost a few followers. That's OK - 2015 is a VERY NEW approach...
#telstra promise to FastTrack my overdue iphone6 within 3-5 delivery days. I ask when they'll have stock. Telstra: "oh, we don't know that!"
After #telstra calls me to sell the iphone6 with 5 weeks delivery, I have to call them after 7 to find out why. Customer Service = 0 (again)
Telstra Problems AGAIN. Interesting the person reassuring us we'll be taken care of doesn't exist on their own site
FINALLY found the damn feed that has been punching out far too many @ThisIsSethsBlog tweets. ( Culprit? Feedburner! )
Hoping like anything the Air Asia "lost" aircraft turns up with some miraculous good news........
Seth Godin's blog: The meritocracy trap
Seth Godin's blog: Festivus (and the airing of grievances)
A month out from launching "Dreamscaping" this falls from an old notepad. Guess I had alignment ¼ of a century ago
Love Helens Hill's new deck & cellar door makeover, Great food & family friendly. Like their website too, Handy map
Santa arrives at Toolangi Tavern ... (check their LivePadlet stream halfway down homepage
JR's Blog - really connect with this quote. We are all one within the universe and all connected by stardust.
And the cellar door at has undergone a brilliant overhaul
Client meeting helping launch at Helens Hill
Seth Godin's blog: Where to start
@TryGhost Is there recent code change knocking out ![thumb-image](url) portfolio images. sites no longer rendering eg
Seth Godin's blog: Retribution
Seth Godin's blog: What kind of customers do you want?

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