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Seth Godin's blog: Flags and mascots
Extraordinary info from GOCE - Between 2011-14, Antarctica has been shrinking in volume by 125 cubic kilometres a year.
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Seth Godin's blog: No one to say no
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#ShameHotelHotel - where's your heart? Pls share this story where a heartless manager &/or company is doing harm!
Check out the new ZAAR theme used at the website of one of Victoria's best "country pubs" on the fringe of Melbourne
South Australian Govt want to apply a 243% levy INCREASE for itself for a volunteer service - pls help stop this
PLS Support the "EMERGENCY SERVICE LEVY" campaign where SA Govt needs to reveiw via @ChangeAUS
Seth Godin's blog: Learning from the State Department where the Yarra Valley meets the mountain forests. Great food and service and now a new look ZAAR site theme (c/- me)
Awesome win by the #AFLHawks on the weekend demolishing the Swans who were favourites to win - but not by the team who had the real Goods
Seth Godin's blog: What are you seeking at work?

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