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#Melbourne Airport. Airline travel & profits down yet building against the tide. Athens Olympics aftermath pervades?
Off to Adelaide tomorrow to meet up with traders and SMEs to set up socialAs and bed down some new websites
Funny how the people who have the MOST time to manage social accounts are those who have the LEAST social jobs ......
Our awesome new responsive websites for just $495 + hosting includes new SocialAs Live2site updates. Demo
Used to be the hardest house in Sydney to deliver mail to. Potts Pt, just behind Luna Park c1985
Seth Godin's blog: Just leave me to do my work!
@Heart_and_Soil Fantastic - there's close to 100% for that one - appreciate the input. cheers @magillamax
I could REALLY do with some twitterverse input on WHICH logo idea is best. Top/Middle/Lower? With thanks in advance
@epc_consultores HI connecting - John who loves BOCETO theme...!
Get 93 top @CreativeMarket products worth $866+ for only $39
Seth Godin's blog: What's it for?
@TryGhost Thanks for the fix. Great to see 0.5 ..... cheers
@TryGhost In the middle of editing a ghost Pro account, I can''t access it with same un & pwd just used, and used on others in same a/c!
Top-end online fashion retailer collapses with a database 600K strong
@TryGhost now 2 of my blogs are not letting me into admin - 2 of 5 on same account ( magilla ) pls advise - I need assistance
@TryGhost Have gone PRO account and loving it - EXCEPT - not accepting email admin access on one blog when same as all others ! can u help?
We've lost one of our greatest inspirations and talents in #RobinWilliams who in the end couldn't move #BeyondBlue RIP the true Patch Adams
RT @PatsKarvelas: ‘Lightning storm of comedy’ Robin Williams dies of apparent suicide | The Australian
@howtoghost Great Resources guys, But is there info on how to remove post info ( author / comments etc ) ? with thanks
#AFL How upset with the vagaries of AFL Match Review Panel outcomes do you have to be - to decide this game ain't no longer supporting?

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Simply, I leverage social and new media for business. I also mentor and provide other creative & marketing services. I Love where I live and what I do.

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