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Seth Godin's blog: While you were out... (news from late August)
Seth Godin's blog: The wasteful fraud of sorting for youth meritocracy
Seth Godin's blog: Forgive yourself
Seth Godin's blog: It's a great book, it has no typos!
Seth Godin's blog: Turning passion on its head
#aflswanstigers An ExtraOrdinary result that's thrown a BIG CAT into the Finals Den. The worm tells the tale
Oh no! #AFLPiesHawks -likely to be more Collingwood players than cheerSquad..... (Sad)
Traditional marketing and advertising is TELLING the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is SHOWING the world that you are one !!
Seth Godin's blog: The best lesson from Fantasy Football's success
Seth Godin's blog: Why drafting works
6 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell a Home- results gained international attention
Keep an eye on this one - Iceland seismic activity REALLY BREWING and warnings of a likely "major event" imminent...
Great win tonight #AFL #Hawks coming back with an uninterrupted 10 goal burst.
500px: Twin Lakes Sunset - Stunning photo.
#afl #bluesPower after match session: Mark Stevens just doing his job & Malthouse being a petulant, childish prat (zero professionalism)
How could Michael Malthouse expect his TEAM to keep their eyes on the ball when he can't even maintain eye contact with Mark Stevens ?
One of Australia's great pubs - Larg Bay in Adelaide. Best seafood. Great location
Following up on the #SlowDown of airflights in Australia and elsewhere ....
#GOT5 Jaime and Brienne back together for rehearsals for next series of #GameOfThrones of Thrones
Per last tweet JUST ONE FLIGHT of 180 passengers has reduced productivity by 30hrs. EQUALS 3 work-days lost!

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