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@Healesville3777 is featured in the homepage. Kudos.
RT @Healesville3777: Such a Great home - and so many excellent places to read, write, create ....…
OFI at 7 Eli Bates Healesville - more info at
First Open for Inspection is today at 11am. Place looks great, hoping rain stays away but not the interested parties
Up to a dozen good looking pumpkins in our patch this season - we'll be enjoying spiced pumpkin soup soon.
In case you missed it, we're selling our "beautiful lifestyle" home in #Healesville. Check it out -
Nice property in Healesville touted as the Retreat - Great spaces to relax in & The Yarra Valley to explore & enjoy
RT @Healesville3777: Our favourite room for special family nights, dinners, reading, music of just musing... the ChillOut Room…
Over the coming weeks: why Healesville is THE place to live & our home the one to REALLY LIVE IN. @healesville3777 Blog to follow!
RT @Healesville3777: Our beautiful home is now listed on @realestate_au at
“Shitphone: A Love Story” by @jwherrman BlueBerries in 500gm punnets ( 4x normal size ) for just $10 to Melbourne offices etc - details via the website
Great new space within a Yarra Valley vineyard to enjoy food & drink - - at Helens Hill Estate. in Yarra Valley VIC for QUALITY, (safe) blueberries, raspberries and blackberries - UNLIKE what Nanna used to make!
AUT City Campus WA Building. Interesting art displayed in virtual reality space....
Anyone in Oz a subscriber to the Australian Teacher Magazine? I need info from the Sept 2014 edition. Any help gratefully appreciated
Download & activate @theTunnelBear to watch blocked AFL games live in Australia (like you're OS) on laptop or mobile
First up: 10 victims of Nanna's Chinese Raspberries infused with Hep-A. There's NO need to buy that crap. BUY LOCAL!
Back from a L-O-N-G hiatus.... back with some friends not seen for ages. Lost a few followers. That's OK - 2015 is a VERY NEW approach...
#telstra promise to FastTrack my overdue iphone6 within 3-5 delivery days. I ask when they'll have stock. Telstra: "oh, we don't know that!"

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