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@CamelliaRosie *that's not how that works*
@CamelliaRosie *dont doubt me*
@CamelliaRosie *where is the baby*
@CamelliaRosie *thats how you got pregnant*
@.Muddin4Jesus @CamelliaRosie *ok*
@QueenBriony @WaveOdair *hangs up*
@QueenBriony @WaveOdair Office of the First Lady, this is Magnolia speaking.
@HellMason I didn't say anything about God.
@HellMason So there has to be a reason you got pregnant.
@HellMason There has to be a reason you married him twice!
@HellMason You can't give up.
@HellMason I didn't know. Should I call a marriage counselor?
@HellMason I'm sorry, ma'am.

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I craft a variety of art for a variety of interests. Married, mom of three, and nanny to 5 grandsons. Maggie and Blossom our mid life Saint Bernard kids.