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It’s going to be weird to be interviewed by coworkers that I’ve worked with for 19 years.
I’m starting to get nervous for a job interview tomorrow for a new position at work.
They were so much better than any of that gross fake pumpkin spice crap.
Made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. So good.
@tinystills Too bad my butt lives too far away from your butts.
@MeganBOB95FM Is there anything that doesn't have it's own day? I guess I'll be celebrating this one by default.
Wow, I slept until 4:00 PM. That was a first. Wasted my whole day. (I went to bed at 7:00 am).
I’m from northern Minnesota and it was “Duck, Duck, Goose” I think this gray duck nonsense is a central Minnesota thing.
@mikeynerd Damn. I wonder if I'll ever make it to 40.
How much of our tax dollars were spend on Pence’s political publicly stunt?
That's why I hate Facebook, and starting to hate Instagram. My OCD needs things in chronological order.
Is the feed in Twitters official app really not in reverse chronological order? That would be horrible.
RT @markhoppus: The news is all so terrible. Today I needed to take it back to what life is really all about: family, friends, and music. L…
@Snubs I love Hawaii so much. I wish it wasn’t so far away, and I wish I had a sister that lived there.
RT @wordpressdotcom: We’re proud to announce a 4,294,967,295 character count limit on all blog posts.
@EvelDick Yep, froze my ass off there last year and it wasn't even winter yet. It was in October, the same matchup…
Excellent video explains real purpose of NFL protests.
Wife: I need to set the Tivo to record Will and Grace. Me: What's up with Will and Grace? W: I don't get drum and…
RT @emmangoldstein: Why is kneeling generally seen as a sign of respect except when black athletes do it and it's suddenly a problem?
It's finally here. This is probably my last picture taken with my iPhone 6.

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