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Some great ideas for managing the good, bad and ugly of e-mail. New Year's resolution? https://t.co/FPP6EkIxfK
Had to up the Christmas ante from 2015, so made a Harley drum kit. And it's amazing! Merry Christmas one and all! https://t.co/e20pD5fSR4
Absolutely. https://t.co/qa3cGKKJvS
Thank you Air New Zealand, for continuing to execute the most creative work around. https://t.co/F2Gfci8y2l
What the humble (?) Big Mac's given the world, including an index for comparing economies. #RIP Mr. Deligatti https://t.co/tvEdvLqlja
Great article yet can't help thinking that when "Disruptive Marketing" is used as the title to describe concepts tha…https://t.co/PSdYXCIASN
As relevant today as it was then for marketers to make sure they know who's getting what and why. https://t.co/LNCKWIxRNY
Love a good infographic! Happy belated Thanksgiving to my Stateside friends. https://t.co/pnXB4fcpO0
Dropbox; upping the ante for sweet office design. What do you think? https://t.co/hQLWccUA24
Yep... https://t.co/cFu6wIDTKR
Hear hear Andrew Lamb! https://t.co/QiGOgIxefC
Great campaign. Compelling story via @adamferrier https://t.co/VksXnj4hJC
I feel you clicking but you can't come in... https://t.co/RUMHE4r3DK
A timely reminder and nicely presented. https://t.co/qnYV2cGsE9
#fail. Know why you're communicating what you're communicating, to who and how you'd feel on the other end of the st…https://t.co/4GYEm4fHPT
It's not a case of one versus the other, though is vision & art finally gaining credibility along with experience &…https://t.co/8GDzJX4Y50
Via @ARouseinHouse. Very funny and there's an application for that chart in seriously assessing sponsorship opportun…https://t.co/xmrSMpnALj
Saying no strategically is a major lesson. https://t.co/iITRFtV9u8
An amazing social experiment that draws out the clearest, common theme https://t.co/9s8HrSzCpO

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