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@nickyhughes11 yay!!! must be the great PR they have! ;-) xx
@simonbinns decided to dip my toe into this again. Sounds like you're having a fun filled day.
@NatalieNochintz Hey love. Called the office before but you were out.Couldn't remember my new num to leave a message! Was going to pop in! x
@simonbinns You're in Paris? Not a chance of catching you today then! What's happening?
@nickyhughes11 Happy New Year darling!!! So nice to hear from you. I'll send you all an email for tomorrow with an update. Hope you're ok? x
@laurabaker1 Nothing gets past you Baker! xx
@GordoManchester i attempted but failed miserably.
@laurabaker1 i was going to come home end of Jan but think i may stay a bit longer, it's growing on me ;-)
@GordoManchester Slight spanner in the works with that. A nice spanner but a spanner all the same. Possibly a short trip home end of Feb!
@suzymul Oooooooooooo la la!
@lisam2301 HNY! it rained y'day so sounds like you are doing better than i am! Might not be back for a while now. Will fill you all in ;-)
@suzymul Oh! no. There may be a slight change of plan. I'll fill you in via email. ;-) x
@laurabaker1 i know! It's the agency i'm with. Mum told me about it y'day. How are you my lovely? Plans for the wedding coming along well?
@lisam2301 haha! you know me! I've not been on for ages and wanted to catch up with what's been going on! how's things? x
hummm....may be here for a while longer....
@katehhealey not if you have a turkey sub with no sauce, but who would eat that? An American dude lost a lot of weight on a subway diet.
@paulunger @katehhealey sorry just got your Merry Xmas! Right back at you! xx
i've just been on't telly!!
@Deejarama Ahem!!!....

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