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A Slideshare to Calculate the Cost of Fundraising http://t.co/mchg7niy7t
The Difference Between Your Purpose, Your Vision & Your Mission #video http://t.co/Dgz4Qb55v5
NYC Bike Share Riders Are Overwhelmingly 30-Something Dudes, But The Gap Is Narrowing http://t.co/cIHICpG07D
How to Spot Opportunities for Growth at Your Startup #video http://t.co/S9SJ0R0NkB
The Best-Paying Companies In America http://t.co/ipJK1nq2EK
@ecroissier thanks for the RT!
These Backpacks For Cows Collect Their Fart Gas And Store It For Energy http://t.co/rR1n31cdmK
The Myth of Focus & Why Many Great Entrepreneurs Pursued Multiple Projects at Once // Great for scanners! http://t.co/lcaEYEGFpk
5 American Entrepreneurs Doing Good Business via @EntMagazine // Great list! http://t.co/hm8FcVY6OD
Design a Biz & Lifestyle That Embraces Your Feminine Brilliance w/ Alia Hall #podcast http://t.co/NljhHJotd3
When Trying to Help the Poor, One Word Can Make a Huge Difference // Interest reverse psychology http://t.co/qqy2eQVMQE
Here's Why Hiring A Star Performer Lifts Up An Entire Organization http://t.co/ynVP1zYHNd
10 Quotes to Get You Through the Marathon of Entrepreneurship // Great motivation http://t.co/FQu0Q7q3RE
10 Qualities of a Passion-Filled Life http://t.co/CO0e3ro0tk
The successful tend to focus on the long run rather than the short run.
Watch "The Power of Passion: Gwen Lister at TEDxWindhoek" Video at TEDxTalks http://t.co/VDTr253KAi
@jamesodea would love to have you as a guest on my podcast! Did you receive my email?
The fluid simultaneously both boils and freezes? // interesting science! http://t.co/jXLRSyTGgp
Upworthy is turning your guilty-pleasure clicks into ad dollars via @VentureBeat http://t.co/fTTtMqyEWt // Great biz model
Apple Wants Your iPhone's Camera To Be As Good As What The Pros Use http://t.co/ZfYQNktIqN // one of the reasons I love iPhone!

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