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RT @BlizzardCareers: Friday afternoon @longboards ice cream treating our interns & new grads right. (Bonus game: find Jeff-from-the-Overwat…
RT @DMOunited: Somebody got some @longboards at work today. Not pointing fingers, but....👇 https://t.co/YvF57Sh8Sz
RT @Rubberbiscuit11: @longboards Happiest place on earth! Thanks for making the day sweeter! #NoClowns https://t.co/3hCUYsY5Pg
RT @verucabelle: When @longboards visits your work 💕 @ Disneyland https://t.co/1AA2gdfDre
RT @mosaeus: Vanilla + milk chocolate + waffle cone. Courtesy of @longboards #nom https://t.co/byEwlljnWk https://t.co/vD13xnAc4w
@ShoeQUEENDOM Should be working now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
RT @NiagaraCareers: Kicked off summer by bringing in @longboards ice cream 🍦Our Team Members loved their free ice cream 😋 https://t.co/58zt…
@MariRinc @followthevan Sorry. We're currently only doing private caters at the moment. We may be back on the streets at a future date.
RT @BBSoCalinsures: Nothing rejuvenates the work spirit like an ice cream break! What a treat! @longboards on this… https://t.co/r3vnHhTgxC
RT @Gertsmama: Fun day @bandboc with a visit from @longboards hey who doesn't love ice cream! https://t.co/YvvvVNTF1Q
RT @WorkAtIrvineCo: Thank you @longboards for helping surprise and spoil our team with a sweet treat this afternoon! Want to work with us?…
@collectsideshow we'll be in your area Friday for a cater. Would love to hook up the crew with free ice cream if interested. Let us know.
Our ice cream is SO good, we didn't want to distract yo boy while driving. We'll choose safety 24/7 over hooking so… https://t.co/2Rg66UCFI6
RT @IvarHuisman: @longboards Good ice cream. Good driving too :) And great twitter.
We'd love to give @ByronBernstein some ice cream...just maybe not on the freeway while our employee and him are dri… https://t.co/42LxCuhSql
Thank you! https://t.co/PPXGoSQ6Nn
We apologize that our driver failed to make a transaction while driving in stop n go traffic on an LA freeway. We d… https://t.co/BV2JdFmPK2
We believe a healthy head of hair is very important and would never deny anyone the right to a beautiful mane.… https://t.co/jcI2ao7r30
We added him to the list. We currently were only stopping for stop signs, law enforcement, in the name of love, ham… https://t.co/ce4uymohPw
We added it to the Employee Handbook that all employees are to sell your boy some ice cream while they're stuck in… https://t.co/Fyof85pPD5

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