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installing roof insulation on 271 Lenox https://t.co/pbkBwXWHnv
Removing the form work of the #concrete wall on the interior of the #greenpoint #passivehouse https://t.co/llEsgSjgqk
North facing skylight at 152 Freeman St #passivehouse brings daylight to kitchen and bathroom of the apartment https://t.co/dFyLnLxi7r
Concrete! https://t.co/JtLNnkjF90
Who said you can't open the windows in a #passivehouse ? https://t.co/bq1v5auixZ
152 Freeman: passive house meetup on December 15! https://t.co/3p0nqifo5u https://t.co/JQPYiUnqCH
152 Freeman: sun in the stair #passivehousedesign https://t.co/kBFPzEA4x3
152 Freeman #passivehousedesign https://t.co/jEyMvNyjIt
The wood structure only... https://t.co/CX61c36pKI
Front facade eith exterior stairs and corridors https://t.co/BdBrhzdoq6
Cross Laminated Timber Terrace House...again https://t.co/eT3bOriEPh
Cross Laminated Timer Terrace House... https://t.co/3q2xQICIPe
lunos e2 Heat recovery fan set to intake only at this warm day to heat up interior concrete... #passivehousedesign https://t.co/qrpbQg72d5
3 pictures sources of free heat keep the place around 70F...fun to watch https://t.co/tQBB6V47KB
early morning condensation on outside of triple pane windows...only in October I hear #passivehousedesign... https://t.co/KSXbjBjLBr
#exposed #concrete wall #passivehouse #window installation at 152 Freeman https://t.co/N9SEzNvIQx
3 woods: cross laminated timber wall panel - yellow birch floor - Norwegian spruce window https://t.co/QCJDazZMod
first designPH model for one of our Habitat for Humanity projects: compact form and southern shading not too... https://t.co/TRN4eAnTLj
transition between old and new at 228 Washington Ave #passivehouse https://t.co/GRUWOOHZ1T
our project at 251 Columbia St just makes the cut: 15kWh/m2a! https://t.co/EAU3E7Aw2z

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