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Great post from @sriramk. Not a one-size-fits-all - but a stellar approach for those it fits. https://t.co/Pjdbs15aXp
@AlaskaAir Thanks, Andre. I starred in a commercial for you all 15 years ago, in what seems like a former life. Good times. :)
Flying back to Denver on @AlaskaAir. Feeling nostalgic.
You wake up in Seattle. @ Capitol Hill Neighborhood https://t.co/wEzXpPiZe4
RT @pennerj: T-minus one day to @techstars #tsdemoday! Final prep! See you at the Boulder Theater! https://t.co/viYclzLufq
Fun Fact: On the day Facebook announced its acquisition of Oculus, I was reading Chapter 3 of Ready Player One. https://t.co/yePiKcVgwb
Hey, @Ally - love you guys, but whose idea was it to take the site down for overnight maintenance at 9pm, 5 days before taxes are due?
@neatcompany 601364. I sent a ticket re: my Mac, your team replied with a form email about a Windows issue.
Wow. The @neatcompany email support seems to have gotten even worse. (Didn't think that was possible, after my last few experiences.)
Hey, #skydiving peeps - I've found a new use for creepers during weather holds. https://t.co/u5cXppAHWx
Great primer on raising funds from @adamhealey - worthwhile read for #startups. https://t.co/MaB1CnUSgn
It's like @Twitter & @netflix are run by the same people... https://t.co/9U0A2fIH43
@BradMcCarty @dgmandell In a startup hipster-kinda way ("I liked them before they were cool")...absolutely.
Congrats, @dgmandell & the @PivotDesk team! https://t.co/tJm422QdkY
Say hello to Flapjack. #newofficemate @ Enterprise Coworking https://t.co/LB9tLwl7po
@epski Yeah. I recognize the data says one thing - but I wonder if @netflix actually TALKED to their users, or if this is Qwikster again.
RT @AngelMD_Inc: CEO @tjarthur's @NPR interview on how angelMD functions as a matchmaker for innovators in the medical sector https://t.co/…
.@netflix Just saw the news, and the only reaction I can think of is: https://t.co/wlHpgcwNPk https://t.co/S887GY8xmG
RT @jason_kint: AKA why you don't want the same company dominating revenue, browser, ad tech, search, analytics, and now codebase. https://…
@OttoBott Staying in town. We’re consolidating the company in Denver.

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