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Not sure what to say on social media sometimes? Get some inspiration right here:
What's your fav song to get fired up? This is one of mine:
What are some of your favorite biz blogs? (Besides mine, *COUGH*.) I'm always looking for new reading material!
"we took this happy little experience, and we just broke it down to a shitty burger" -@csavage
When you’re running a business, it’s always something -
How to Write an About Page That People Will Actually Read
You don’t need a fancy new system. You don’t need the latest and greatest. You need trial & error to discover what works for YOUR business.
How to win friends and influence people (while sharing social content):
"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out." - Robert Collier
Some surprising results here - The Most (And Least!) Effective Types of Marketing Content
Give yourself a break and make yourself a plan. It will help you be more productive, while making a HUGE impact on your stress level!
Hitting communication roadblocks with your team? Here's how to get things moving and get things DONE!
Preach! I am so done with misleading marketing "hacks" - How to Recognize Bad Marketing Advice from @grigoriy_kogan
Facebook’s New Weapon In The War On Clickbait -
"What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable." - Anonymous
LOVED talking to the @socialfresh guys about my top picks for online business tools!
@AndyFogarty you are really selling me the dream that my child will indeed get older someday!
blame it on the glucose . . .
"Don't your blog post one or two times. . . take everything and put it into a tool like Edgar."…
Take your toddler to nasdaq day, love it!

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I love creating fame for you and your biz! NO, not like people magazine, like being #1 in your field. I tweet about that and my life here in Venice Beach.

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