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RT @CrazyEgg: Make Your Business Website Unforgettable with These 12 Tips | @CrazyEgg by @chrisgillick http://t.co/3oi5gLHRsB
RT @KISSmetrics: Some Ecommerce Channels Aren't Meant to Close Sales http://t.co/v2NzwSGIAB
The Best Cloud Accounting Options for Your Small Business http://t.co/DujzBpGLrs
Each page on your site should have a primary goal that takes priority over everything else. Don't muddle your focus.
Online stores should always allow guest checkout. You're losing sales if you don't. #eCommerce
If your website tries to appeal everyone, it likely appeals to no one.
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RT @collis: Out of almost 9000 items on ThemeForest, less than 20 have 0 sales, and most of those are less than a week old. Kinda crazy!
We're hiring a Interactive Project Manager / Business Development - http://t.co/16lf1Wumzs
All fixed! Contact away.
Looks like our contact page wasn't working for a bit. Sorry about that, we're fixing it right away.
RT @techvibes: SimpleTax Lets Canadians Do Their Taxes Online for Free, No Strings Attached http://t.co/UV5KIP5jOp
RT @seawaycreative: Giving away #FREE colour block social #icons. Download Here http://t.co/Ga3HY0SOKR
RT @ConanOBrien: My Super Bowl rule: never bet on a team named after an Edgar Allan Poe poem.
RT @unmatchedstyle: Hamme.js - A javascript library for multi-touch gestures. http://t.co/iQ5P780p
RT @alengrakalic: A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts http://t.co/IrlVOmEH
New blog post: Making Limewheel Responsive http://t.co/bOS9Psqb

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