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Down to the last few hours to get 30% off your order with the code EASTER30 at checkout!
Last chance tonight to get your Easter orders in... and take 30% off your order using EASTER30 at checkout!
Extending the Easter deadline and sale through today... use the code EASTER30 at checkout for 30% off!
Today is the last day to order Easter gear... and the last day to get 30% off with the code EASTER30 at checkout!
30% off everything in the shop with the code EASTER30 at checkout... and tomorrow is the last day to order your Easter wear!
Don't forget! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to order Easter wear! And you get 30% off when you use EASTER30 at checkout through tomorrow...
Since today and tomorrow are the very last days to get your Easter orders in... why not take 30% off your order... http://t.co/p6W9eMFXCZ
If you haven't ordered Easter wear yet... Friday is the last day! And check in tomorrow morning for a fantastic deal!
Last day to get your ELOISE Dress for 50% off retail! No code needed... and just a few left at the sale price! http://t.co/FCOZNd0cSA
Just a few more Eloise Dresses available at the 50% off sale price! http://t.co/3NgcqtQ0YO
Don't forget! The ELOISE is this month's Sale Dress of the Month! It's 50% off to the next 10 people that order.... http://t.co/RHCnTItzJP
ELOISE is in the shop! AND it's the Sale Dress of the Month for February... so it's 50% off for the first 12... http://t.co/sF8xYSydNT
Coming to the shop today... and it's this month's Sale Dress of the Month, to boot! http://t.co/CyYd2lYnO9
Size 5 sample, ready to ship! The Mary Sunshine... $50, includes domestic shipping! http://t.co/poYnOAZbqE
I've a teeny tiny Vintage Camera Skirt up for grabs. It's marked 2T, but I clearly goofed and it's really a 12M.... http://t.co/HWFvzu1RKl
Size 2T Ruby Wine Striped Dress... perfect for your little Valentine! Up for grabs (and ready to ship), $50,... http://t.co/cBS1baTYi6
Starting now! Have a lovely weekend, my friends! http://t.co/Cc7ZUzFobw
Ok, my lovely friends! I'm leaving the sale prices up overnight on both the JOY Rainbow Dress and the JAY GATSBY... http://t.co/Rd8n0nR11G
Love crisp stripes in the freshest sherbet hues? She'll be lovely all spring in the JOY Rainbow Dress... and it's... http://t.co/v1ek6hHxbI
Looking for just the right Easter frock? Look no further! The JAY GATSBY Dress fits the bill and is 50% off... http://t.co/VWT6vrqDRA

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