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Brainerd was getting its felt on this weekend. 30 ladies were in the FAC stabbing wool with me.
RT @HalfPintIngalls: No way, Pa. I'm woke now. #NoDAPL
I'm teaching a felted heart brooch workshop Feb 11 and 12 in Brainerd MN. Check it out!
@kitlane esp when he's not picking up his phone. :/
@kitlane 'tis nasty out, but not like on the open plain. Waiting for my teen driver to make it home. Ug. <squeezes>
@kitlane Not supposed to be bad here. I'm already hunkered in front of the fireplace tho - fever, aches, coughs. Blech.
Buying pottery, had a 2-hr nap and some earl grey on a sunny Saturday in October. All is well in this moment.
@kitlane Beautiful little world.
@kitlane I'd better go make something. My brain has too much work in it, and my butt has too much couch on it. Catch you soon.
@kitlane I know. I wish you were here when cool things like Vijay coming to town come up, or new exhibits. Someday.
@kitlane the donuts with the peanut butter fudge frosting...omg. I've never been either, so of course I'll have to check it out.
@kitlane Well, no. I'm suggesting we have a new place for coffee consumption. But I will always buy my donuts from the Senior Center.
@kitlane We have Tim Horton's coming in, so there's that.
@kitlane I hope it's all you need it to be.
@kitlane that sounds fancy.
@kitlane wish you were here!
Looking forward to Vijay Seshadri's reading tomorrow at Central Lakes College. What an amazing opportunity for our little burg.
To-do list today: play in the woods barefoot. Done.
@_timskinner Thanks Tim. :)

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An artist inspired by nature living in the woods of Minnesota. Trying to live sustainably and simply with 4 kids hanging from my ankles.