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There is no certainty; there is only adventure. --Roberto Assagioli Approach teaching an adventure!
⚡️ “The Software Circle of Life” by @sarahmei
Humans can act like robots much better than robots can act as robots.
The Fibonacci mystique in markets
@sarahmei @rftbk @AmbientRev Please read ... as to why formal methods (TLA+) are importan…
RT @gpk320: @sarahmei @janetlunde You're confusing the intellectual discipline that one learns while learning algorithms vs the algorithms…
@lemire @sarahmei Hear, hear.
RT @lemire: @sarahmei I am a college prof. in Computer Science and I agree. Thing is: data structures and algo. are easier to teach than re…
Adulting is now a verb! — or working
@Bitly are you guys down? Can't access from India.
“You must build your own projects.” @rick_west8
@Nicolascole77 Is there an email you can be reached at? Please send me yours to lifebalance at gmail dot com
“Replace Your To-Do List With Interstitial Journaling To Increase Productivity” — @tonystubblebine…
RT @__mharrison__: Python popular or hard to grok?
“Most human beings are – knowingly or unknowingly – shaped by the company that they keep.”
“Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.” — @BenjaminPHardy
@pwang A workshop using Continuum Analytics Python distribution is coming up. Would you be open for a virtual Keynote for the inaugural?
A few hours in one afternoon produced a protocol that has lasted for 25 years. How many lunches are that productive?
@naralokesh Thank you for a fascinating talk at EO Coimbatore!
“You can give your resume more weight by contributing to an open source project; that work can easily be verified.”