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US President's budget proposes elimination of the Marine Mammal Commission: https://t.co/Awm6uCAxZ2
Grey Seals of Sable Island: Seal Biologists Collect Data Beneath the Waves https://t.co/8nIo0gMjr0
#bird #death #photooftheday #instadaily #decay #contemplative #nature https://t.co/MYTF4cEWYv
Vacqueyras is a small appellation in southern rhone. This moderately aged wine was crafted from a blend of... https://t.co/UtlhZ65Amr
@PrinceGeorgeHfx can we have some tea in the boardroom 217?
Centrediscs Label through the Canadian Music Centre will host the Halifax launch of Scott Macmillan’s composition... https://t.co/AL6Qs1VGWv
Ever wondered why Champagne is never red? Decanter suggests it is due to historical tastes https://t.co/GXh8mLdnto
Think twice before submitting that manuscript: the pressure to publish pushes down quality : https://t.co/66DKTOlxNH via @NatureNews
A fat lot of good: compared with primates, humans have unusually large energy budgets https://t.co/VVjeWAb9vx
Through April and May, Canada will be the featured country in 'Meet in Beijing' and Sable Island will be there...... https://t.co/NfjlEgpCbO
The Kitchen Table, Halifax, Nova Scotia is a restaurant offering a unique food experience: https://t.co/t0FrXoC94I
Seems that for long term storage (+1 year), best to store those screwcapped bottles of wine lying down – https://t.co/4pIsBJbzKW
RT @j_pye: @MontanaMcLean, @lidgardphoto , and Fran Broell from @OceanTracking , briefing @KirstyDuncanMP, @AndyFillmoreHFX https://t.co/7…
@patspreserves yep. went away skiing for a week but back in town now
And here is the second in the series of images from Sable Island.... https://t.co/dDahdKkoJP
Here are the first of a series of images from a recent seven week trip on Sable Island. Seven weeks was long but... https://t.co/QPl9HAeHzP
For those of you nerdy scientists... https://t.co/evH0AN1lT3
Here is a look at my best and most memorable shots from 2015.... https://t.co/vfQG1l6o4p
Wish I could say the same

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