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Prove it's "fake news." release taxes so we can see the truth.
Careful Mr. Trump, remember you know more than those generals you're complimenting now.
U wonder if the Vice-President-elect would like some cheese to go with his whine about the "fake news?"
RT @MicahGrimes: Following 2013 death of Scott Carpenter, John Glenn was the last of America's original astronauts. Now, he's gone. https…
RT @samsteinhp: Forgot that Glenn’s wingman in Korea was Ted Williams. wow.
John Glenn has died. To quote NASA Flight Control when he blasted off into space, "Godspeed, John Glenn."
@walmart why has money center been closed most very wk since last year#fail
@walmart, why did I just spend 30 min in line atCust Service to cash check?
Is standing in front of a warship really the image the Repubs. want to present after 8 years of war with Bush?
Find what you're shopping for at a lower price with Firefox and Invisible Hand.
I enjoy spenduing time in the kitchen. Here's a dessert I like...
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Finishing a video project today, burning DVDs, watching the snow melt, only to return on Sunday.
If you play Facebook games like Cafe World, try the Google Chrome browser, just a bit faster than the others get it:
It's snowing/raining/sleeting in Lexington this morning. Gotta go shovel... snow/slush. Winter in Kentucky... it's fun!!

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