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Is anyone really surprised by Tom Price scandal? He can't answer questions truthfully, nor without stammering. I for one am not surprised.
What do white supremacists do when the whites are no longer the majority race? Population trends say change is ahead.
With spicer gone, will the press briefings be the next to go? My answer would be, " yes". But
RT @brianbeutler: Durbin on Sessions: “It’s hard to see how he can continue to serve.”
Finally, someone is looking out for the people trump is supposed to be, and promised to be helping in his campaign.…
This could only be said by someone who operated a predatory bank. Never by someone on social security.
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Here @sarahposner explains how Jeff Sessions' testimony only raises more questions than it answered:…
Sessions came before the committee to provide answers. A task at which he failed miserably.
Says teens should stop qualifying so much and is simply answer the questions directly. Would mean a more questions though. Not good 4 him
If Mr. Sessions gets nervous over Ms. Harris'questioning and feels he must qualify everything, it seems as though he has something to hide
RT @ChrisJansing: Kamala Harris makes her point: Sessions didn't ask to see a department policy that would allow him to NOT answer questio…
RT @NYDailyNews: If Trump was "vindicated," why are his cronies smearing Comey and saying things like "the president is new at this"? https…
@thehill Isn't this RICH...someone who was # 3 in line of succession and ran out of office calling for ban of Special Counsel. Laughable!
RT @BatLabels: #mybatman #FarewellOldChum
RT @axios: Intel and Yahoo join Supreme Court brief supporting transgender rights
Here's the America I know and love...
Prove it's "fake news." release taxes so we can see the truth.
Careful Mr. Trump, remember you know more than those generals you're complimenting now.
U wonder if the Vice-President-elect would like some cheese to go with his whine about the "fake news?"
RT @MicahGrimes: Following 2013 death of Scott Carpenter, John Glenn was the last of America's original astronauts. Now, he's gone. https…

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