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@fotfanzine pt.7 This Saturday. https://t.co/rMzBLshSpQ for more info. #glasgow #art #music… https://t.co/OA52jUAF6Z
This is what happens when you pretend to know math for breakfast #processing #moire #lissajous https://t.co/sKaYwDtefj
@j_greig Are you looking for anything in particular?
RT @lokiscottishrap: Very pleased to announce that my book launch will take place at the world famous Panopticon Theatre in Glasgow on Nov…
@AskScribd @Scribd Can I ask why my ticket (#1471732) was deleted before I got any non-automated response? And, if it could be re-opened.
@Channel4 @atomcreate Ach, now there's shit all over the floor.
@superhi_ What about a jpeg simply saved as a SVG?
@ScotsPostPunk @paulresearch @HistoryofSMC That artwork is class, pure class. 2nd best thing i've seen done with Wi… https://t.co/hjsROYSlTz
@runemadsen Looks good to me, get it out :P
I'm going to "Gab #17 | A Get Together For Creative Folk ". See you there? https://t.co/dZEtujKzn8 via @EventbriteUK
@grantmac_ DM Hall buzzed about 10 minutes ago — ChaseUp success #1?
@SHIFTCMDS @facebook One person just read your tweet, screwed up their face a wee bit and mumbled 'fuck sake'
@creativeapps @tchoi8 @hawrafintl 👏👏 Great work!
@sparky_stix Man, I went a stoat earlier - still out and lost think we are 40mins from a station but hopefully catch ye soon
@sparky_stix Is it tonight or tomorrow the other show?
@laurakaykelly @marilynmanson @alexispetridis You said too many nice things @alexispetridis. I'd love for him to fi… https://t.co/lUVlmEEO7V
I don't suppose anyone in #glasgow has/knows where I can find an old oscilloscope for a few pennies?
@article82 ....doh
@article82 ...because i can't breathe https://t.co/SMrlLnkZE2
@ameliabayler Fybogel

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