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@HaterGirlxxx well done for trying!
Do you know: operate, depend, corner, quiet, pay, safe, held, am, ran, clear? Can you make a sentence using these words, or even a story?
What can you do with these ten words: have, earth, paint, grand, matter, speed, touch, block, subtract, band.
@HaterGirlxxx What does it equate the way that you tie then cook the city crowd with a drop and a touch.
Does anyone need any help with today's word list?
@NewsinLevels Sorry I missed your tweet! Your site looks very interesting. "Free news for students of English: http://t.co/DPqV4bp5sf"
@faizan03131 As in "it's not cricket" meaning something that is not fair?
Our words today are: that, way, does, city, equate, drop, touch, cook, crowd, tie. Can you make a sentence using these words?
#L10en Consider the surprise of the children: that the shoe should be the solution to use for a double cell, or else opinions differ.
@english_rasheed Are you still there?
@hathla2 Correction: "I'm happy to join your group."
@KaraWages Correction: " Please help me. I wanna learn English so much." (wanna - informal!).
@axmetautekuH Correction: "I'd like to play a Guess The Word game. The person who guesses the correct word wins and chooses the next word."
@dawoodalnazal Correction: "I want to benefit from your experience in teaching English"?
@7sson07 In English please! Thanks.
@HaterGirlxxx Quite good! Though I don't understand completely... Maybe punctuation would help?
@axmetautekuH Use the 10 words from Learn10 today to make a grammatically correct sentence.
These are our words today: Use, Differ, Children, Cell, Consider, Else, Surprise, Shoe, Solution, Double. Can you use them in a sentence?
Hello! Is anybody out there? Who would like to play a word game?
@imascientist people don't understand the scientific method & distrust scientists?

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