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Putin calls Trump to thank him for U.S. help foiling terrorist strike https://t.co/VVCibRdPIm
A power outage has halted all flights at Atlanta international airport https://t.co/UE7yZd4aed
Op-Ed: The case against "Latinx" https://t.co/xsQFlXF2lP https://t.co/9FpfdZLkJ9
Funeral procession for firefighter killed in Thomas blaze passing through fire-affected counties… https://t.co/u8CSt3QFRz
Mnuchin: Government shutdown unlikely but could happen https://t.co/2kBfobt80X https://t.co/hjjsebYUis
Column: What's missing from the GOP tax bill? Just about anything that would help the working and middle classes https://t.co/4FeNeKs3Y3
From a 911 call, a friendship bloomed between Baltimore cop and widow, 98: "All she wanted was somebody to talk to"… https://t.co/j8g624qVZM
The fury of a monster fire leaves residents no choice but to flee https://t.co/4hdpIHd7Gk https://t.co/y7PIBbtUN5
"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" dominates the box office with second-largest opening — ever https://t.co/Fgizntw3K8 https://t.co/qUVJvQMwzI
Column: California's state budget negotiations in 2018 might be less about what to spend than when to spend it… https://t.co/7MtcyCssxd
Government paying private firm $297 million to help hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents https://t.co/4IvE2xTeWD https://t.co/LNN4UeiJpQ
California officials say housing next to freeways is a health risk — but they fund it anyway https://t.co/G3JWNKP6bw https://t.co/aXG4G32HlA
Op-Ed: America still hasn't reckoned with the election of a reckless con man as president https://t.co/fK1Ahlt55u https://t.co/PNL8h0LSyB
This Colorado city declined to allow pot sales. Now it's having second thoughts https://t.co/MqivsXRxFv https://t.co/C2itJ5i36h
Thomas Fire continues to grow as strong, shifting winds bring new dangers https://t.co/MKusLUKcHA https://t.co/nG4AHYzZNm
Firefighter killed in Thomas fire died from burns and smoke inhalation, autopsy shows https://t.co/LSBDRi3gzp https://t.co/iklwQwCpd5
Lessons from disastrous wine country fires helped in battling Southern California infernos https://t.co/aaiJqm1wQi https://t.co/Zowj5tTuwy
There’s a secret 2014 list of 274 L.A. deputies with histories of misconduct. Do you know one of them?… https://t.co/rjzgKUG2lP
Raging Thomas fire has a potential to become largest on record in California https://t.co/of3atcV0bS
After California's most destructive fire season, a debate over where to rebuild homes https://t.co/LI4fQ1t7fe https://t.co/JY6PfNitNf

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