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RT @chrisgeidner: From about 10 minutes into Trump's speech tonight, when he had just said "there aren't many people protesting outside." —…
Shoutout x 1000 to this designer showing a bridal collection to Evanesence Bring Me To Life #wakemeup #omahafashionweek
A lot has happened in the last ten years! Congratulations to Brook, Nick, and my friends at…
@rhaeegals Until 2019, haha!
@fashflood omg
still applies
RT @HistoryToLearn: Eau Claire Leader, Wisconsin, August 30, 1932
RT @rabiasquared: #Eclipse2017 felt miraculous bc happens once in a lifetime. But this: every moment of your life will also happen only onc…
well today Alice dug a huge hole and I had chips and vodka so I guess #seriously #realtalk #SolarEclipise2017
RT @NebraskaMegan: I'm personally knocking every door in the district to learn what matters most to my neighbors. Want to join? https://t.c…
That balancing act between trying to do good in the world & minding your biz, and realizing you just literally *can not* do that in 2017
Is it okay to stop working? My heart says…no?
Omaha area: You can also bring your glasses to Hello Holiday at 5008 Underwood and we will handle the shipping for…
RT @arielwaldman: Save your eclipse glasses today instead of throwing them in the trash. Astronomers Without Borders will post mailing addr…
I watched the eclipse today with my family near Elk Creek, Nebraska in Grandview Cemetery. This…
@RebeccaStavick Loves it
Truly so happy for all of you sharing your eclipse pics. I love so many people taking a break from our routines to marvel at our Earth. 💕
Best friends adding another chapter to a lifetime of memories. 💕 @ Grandview Cemetery
RT @NebraskaMegan: Let's do this, Nebraska!! #SolarEclipse2017

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I'm Princess Lasertron. Bridal designer, blogger, and best friend. INTP. I love discord. I worship fun.

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