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@CCfunkandsoul Johnie Ball and his wife are lovely, I met them and had the pleasure of photographing them when shoo…
@au_tom_otive If you live in a high rise with on street parking, possibly 1/2mile from front door and never in the…
@WiltspoliceLM Time to get the 🍩 in.
RT @MrNickKnowles: Swansea cleaning companies or just anyone who can give us a couple of hours now to help clean our @DIYSOS build tonight…
@jamesdoleman Daily Fail. Waste of good paper.
@SimonNRicketts @156Sharknose Daily Fail at it again. Anyone who's taken science at school could build a bomb, you don't need Google.
RT @nowthisnews: President Trump doesn't have anything better to do after a hurricane than spread lies about Obama?
@torquespeak Ha!
@torquespeak Ah, ok. So the one racing is a copy then? Should that have been on the track as I thought only genuine cars could race?
@torquespeak I can see that they're two different cars but how do two cars have the same reg?
@MrNickKnowles @samsparkes999 Systematic running down of the police by May and Windsor so that they can sell off po…
RT @voiceoverartist: #midlandshour Evening all. Professional voice over here, for all your business audio needs.
RT @AlexHorne: First late night Horne Section is THIS FRIDAY. 11.30pm at Soho Theatre, featuring Mr Tim Key. Musical fun spanning two calen…
@KatieMillbob @flendog_ Smaple instead of sample...
RT @charlesmorganuk:
@torquespeak Tight fitting sports t-shirt will help wonders. If it's a bad case then you will find that even a gent…
@rustysmart Radiolab
RT @cctv_idiots: Omfg 😳
@BeerBods @JohnLambertTSM Very kind offer but don't seem to be able to contact you direct. Really though, it's not…

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Hello, I'm Bruce, a professional photographer. I work with your business to capture outstanding images of you, your products and your services.

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